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8 Replies to “Amir Khadir, the member of the Quebec legislative assembly, exposed for his real agenda.”

  1. It’s interesting that overt Christian symbols in an historically Catholic colony get banned.

    It’s all very Protocols of Zion.

  2. Money-laundering ring funding Hezbollah cracked by Australian police (al-arabiya, Jan 23, 2014)
    “Australian police revealed Thursday they had cracked a major global money-laundering ring with operatives in more than 20 countries and funds syphoned off to groups reported to include Hezbollah. The Australian Crime Commission said more than Aus$580 million (US$512 million) of drugs and assets had been seized, including Aus$26 million in cash, in a year-long sting codenamed Eligo targeting the offshore laundering of funds generated by outlaw motorcycle gangs, people-smugglers and others. According to the ACC, the operation had disrupted 18 serious and organized crime groups and singled out 128 individuals of interest in more than 20 countries, tapping information from agencies including the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. Eligo saw 105 people arrested on 190 separate charges…”

  3. Ministry: Iraq executes 11 more ‘terrorism’ convicts (al-arabiya, Jan 23, 2014)
    “Iraq executed 11 men convicted of charges related to “terrorism” on Thursday, the justice ministry said, just days after another mass execution of 26 convicts. “The ministry executed 11 people today, after they were convicted of terrorism charges,” it said in a statement. “The total of those executed this week is now 37, all of them Iraqis.” Executions in Iraq are typically carried out by hanging, and large numbers are typically announced at once by the justice ministry. On Sunday, 26 people were executed. Iraq has faced widespread criticism from diplomats, analysts and human rights groups who say that due to a problematic justice system, those being executed are not necessarily guilty of the crimes for which they were sentenced to die…”

  4. Just a comment on an aspect of this video:

    I think the girls shown here starting to put on the hijab/nickab/whatever have waited far too long to start, I mean they are at least 9 or 10 years old. At that age they are nearly past their use-by date for true mohamed-followers. Girls start much earlier to use her wicked wiles of seduction on those poor muslim males…I say: put these females under a chador immediately after the cutting of the umbilical cord:


  5. This debate on this charter issue is the most relevant and historical event in the history of modernity in this once great nation. In the past it has never benn a problem for C hristians and
    Jews and many have worked side By side never knowing what religion any person followed and it was not relevant.
    But we all know what this is about. Don’t be an idiot and rant about the Christians not being able to carry big crosses on their backs during work.
    This is about the scourge of Islamic extremists and other cultural extremists who refuse to integrate or adapt to a modern worldv
    Backward savages who come here and live here now but insist on values
    , values that run counter to the basic values that have been forged and fought for to attain the highest levels of enlightenment and acceptance,,,,, that does not mean accommodating to the point of regression,Gender apartheid and other hideous aspects of sharia are not welcome and should not be permitted in the public sector

  6. Dan:

    1. The Protocols area forgery.

    2. The Quebec charter SPECIFICALLY EXEMPTS Christian cymbals and crucifixes where they have historical significance on and in buildings in Quebec.

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