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1. Here is the full video of the girls taking the vow to wear the veil for life at 9 years old. There is much more on this and more related videos. But the connections that the imam and this Montreal Muslim Community Center have are also of great concern. Check out the photos on this related webpage.

Here is a note from the translator:

It must be noted that the iman of this association (CCMM) exerts great pressure on the young girls that go to his mosque to influence them into wearing the hijab as of the age of 8 and 9 years old.  (taken from the Poste de Veille website investigation)

Ali Sbeiti, speaking to the little girls that just swore on Allah that they will do their utmost to wear the hijab for the rest of their lives: ” Your veil is not only a source of pride, an honor in your lifetime and the afterlife, but also, you are contributing to improve society by preserving its morals and virtue.  We believe the hijab supports and enhances the status of a woman in a society where women are used on posters and on television as objects for sale.”


2. Ezra Levant and guest discuss who the person was who heckled Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper during his speech in the Israeli Parliament the other day.

3. Bill 60 is long overdue, says former Herouxville councillor

Hearings on the proposed Charter of Values continued Wednesday at the National Assembly with the man behind the 2007 Herouxville saga.

Among those testifying, was former Herouxville town councillor Andre Drouin, who helped ban religious face coverings and stonings in his Mauricie town.

Drouin said the past seven years have been quite an education, for him, and that Bill 60 is long overdue.

“I believe it’s probably the first, well the best, thing that can happen to the province of Quebec now and I will dare at this – Canada will probably imitate us,” he said.

4. The Anti-Vaccination movement is working!

5. Russian police kill Islamist militant leader before Olympics

(Reuters) – Police have killed a senior Islamist militant in Russia’s North Caucasus ahead of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, where security forces searched on Tuesday for a woman they fear is planning an attack during the games.

6. Moscow Muslims upset at warning over terrorists in mosques

Many mad Moscow muftis are demanding city authorities officially retract a warning about potential suicide bombers’ unusual behavior in mosques and the description of prayer sites as terrorist meeting places.

Mufti Hazrat Gizatullin, the deputy head of the official Muslim organization for European Russia, said in an interview with Izvestia daily that representatives of his organization intended to send an official protest to the Moscow city Department Of Interethnic And Inter-Religious Cooperation.

[I apologize for the added alliteration at the start but I couldn’t stop myself]

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10 Replies to “News links for Jan 24 2014 – 1”

  1. “We believe the hijab supports and enhances the status of a woman in a society where women are used on posters and on television as objects for sale.”

    Yet naked women images are mainly targeted at men, who then buy into them to believe bimbos will enhance their status if they are seen going around with the product.

    So the weaker of the minds is not the female’s.

    “We believe the hijab supports and enhances the status of a man in a society where women are used on posters and on television as objects for sale.”

    Got it.

    Have to do exactly the same for Socialists and Homoerotics to get what they mean.

  2. Bill 60 dictates the prohibition of wearing ‘conspicuous’ religious material.
    Though an additional clause of makeup, high heels and perfume may also express the unindividuality of the holder as their religion does, I’d just prefer to stick to the freer-speech we had before the Socialists took over, and let the X-Branded fail in their pursuit into the fuzzy-logic of their own amusement. But then, I’m all for everyone waking up in their own pile of excrement so the truth sets them free, instead of waking up with more of them and forced to wear religious and cultural symbols to escape persecution.

    Bill 60 is half-brained in that it will spawn secret symbols for muppets to communicate with each other. Now where did I put my cigarrettes?

  3. I just took a photo of a car with a huge al qaeda flag on the back windscreen at McDonalds drive through, in Sydney Australia. Drove past & saw he was an Aussie convert with the standard mohamedan beard. McDonalds is definitely 100% halal if al qaeda are eating there. Does anyone know how to contact Eeyore? I would like to share this photo….

  4. As the Moslem influence and population in the west increases car bombings and other terror attacks will become more and more common.

  5. If you look at the pictures of pre-1960’s Arab nations, they all adopted the Western Civilization. Post 1960, with the sexual inversion where fantasy was encouraged, indulged and identified with…. Up revitalized the commands of Mohammad… To walk pervertedly in the Name of God.

  6. The coincidence is as the 1960’s cult of imagined-sex grew across the world producing homoeroticism as Mankind’s greatest liberation to enslavement; the Arabs awoke to a new interest in Mohammadanism where recently a British Muslim in Pakistan was arrested for claiming to be born that way. (Yes he actually claimed to be born Mohammad). As the female beast rose to be served so did the male too consume light to feed the darkness.

    The Communists think they can handle these socialist and Islamic beasts, one afraid of death and the other afraid of life, the children of whores.

  7. As to the removal of Christianity, you will find Europe moved from the Roman Catholic Cult to Protestantism, Reform and freedom from dogma and superstition into secularism. Socialism is the faith in the Good of Man. As dishonest as taking tithes for praying for the Good of God.

  8. So the decline of moral values created the raising of animalized-people for the glorification of the femaled-female and then the femaled-male, to reach out and cling to the Angels of Left and Right, for their promised riches of the Herenow or Hereafter to fill the emptiness crying out to be filled – such are the souless claiming to wear the breastplates of righteousness. They live by faith alone that will save them, and heed the call to shun that which must be Unspoken. Have you ever met such fine fellows that willingly self-blind for their drugs of pleasure and invitation to eternal life?

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