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33 Replies to “Hull mum raped in front of son and told by attacking boyfriend: ‘I’m Muslim and you must obey me’”

  1. He should be deported after serving sentence. Instead, he will be out in less then 2 years, and graduate to harder stuff – “radicalised” by prison will be the excuse.

  2. “One of the biggest mistakes the left made was stopping the death penalty for rape.”

    Ah, the ‘left’ made a mistake comes out again.

    OK, slowly does the explanation.

    Left = International Socialism
    Right = National Socialism
    Normal, well = normal. You don’t have to worry about normals and they will go forth and multiply and make better worlds.

    So we’ll just focus on the retarded who are ‘repulsed by the retarded’ or ‘love-lots the retarded’; any way that they can not be seen for themselves. No tree, or a whole woodland to hide in. The guy with Asperger’s no longer shows up the fascist’s behavior-traits, the gal with brain-damage is put forward to run the organization with an army of enablers.

    For the Far Right, rape is a precursor to marriage. For rape is practiced, in marriage. ‘Rape, and the rapee belongs to you’. Islam puts it unequivocally: what your hand can plow, is yours. The rape-price = the discount bride-price, as she’s no good to anyone else now. And the rape of the boy, is just strength over vulnerability. Femininity is made weakness, that is the only way they can get a rise. A strong woman would turn them off and make them impotent. http://wikiislam.net/wiki/Rape_in_Islam#Rape

    The Far Left are unclear about rape. It’s all morally relative isn’t it? A child touches your knee and you want it to suck your happy zone. It is a pedophilia rather that a pederasty. Without the ability to define fairness in rape, it’s only prison for those who cause the most outrage and upset, and through sexual exposure and desensitization of the public, shorter and shorter sentences and early release for good behavior with a posthumous pardon. Rape is a form of punishment rather than a desire for immortality and so the raped will get over it. It’s not a big deal. It’s only grooming and seduction that are the ways to this vamp’s heart. Masculinity is broken in order to get an orgasmic despise.

    Simplistic? The drugged-hit of brain-centers of such people? Without conscience or compassion, they sit at the high tables of both ideologies. Psychopaths and Sociopaths. Manipulators. Behaving as though a virus had over taken over them, infected their brains, and reproduced into their victims. The dead who won’t lie down.

    “One of the biggest mistakes the left made was stopping the death penalty for rape.”

    Just needed one more chuckle over this.

  3. Well, the Far Right had the death penalty for rape.

    Only for one of their own possessions. Rape an infidel, a kuffar, a slave, and who’s worried? And she’ll be killed for the eternal shame she brought on her family or gang raped to death.

    Do you see how defending the ‘mistakes’ of Left and Right is perverse in giving them legitimacy?

  4. National socialism is far left, the only reason it is called far right is that it is a little further right then communism, the left didn’t way people to associate Fascism with Marxism so they called it far right and the meme stuck. The far right is the small government types who want big freedom.

  5. Richard,

    “The far right is the small government types who want big freedom.”

    Is that really true? This is what libertarians want to have… but not right-wingers who are control freaks, wanting God and his Apostles to rule all.

    Therefore National Socialism really is right-wing socialism as there is no freedom of choice for the individual except become a believer or die; as opposed to an International Socialism which is conform or die.

    Death cults.

  6. Are the right wing Marxists? The Left have moral relevatism, the Right moral certitude. One has hate crimes the other blasphemy. One has Diversity the other a race-religion.
    And so on, by their fruit they are known.

  7. Perfectch8ild the libertarians are the far right wing of American politics, the very small number of Christians that believe like you are saying aren’t a factor in Us politics. Stop listening to the enemies of freedom and do some research on your own, if you do this you will discover that the Nazi’s were Marxists who were proudly claimed by the left until they attacked the USSR. That was when the leftist/liberal media started calling them far right.

  8. The spirit of the far right is female. It is men pretending to be men. It is born from communism, as a male reaction to find their masculinity again, which is now an idolotry that can never be entered into. It is not Marxism. There is no cultural revolution to seduce the female, but a hatred towards her. To say fascism is a deeper communism is to say homophobia is akin to homophillia by being more extreme – it is only their roots that are both in homoerotica but their paths are completely opposite, one of conformity and submission, the other of rebellion, both dancing around the same unfaced demon they invited in to compensate for inadequacy.
    That Marx submitted to the female does not make those who fear her adopt his works to solve their problems, but rather destroy their works to hide their mutual center. Nationalization, like rape, has the same physical outcome but is done for completely opposite reasons.
    It is because you allow the tares and wheat to grow you see the middle path. Why else would our socialist governments go out of their way to eliminate those who took the Right Path while they took the Left Path except to prevent you seeing the source of their rage and so only hearing their calls to peace and prosperity.
    Fascism arises from communism, as gangstas come from muthur controlled fatherless homes.

  9. The Nazis and Fasciists claimed they were Marxists, and until Germany attacked the USSR the communists claimed them as Marxists. These are historical facts, all of the sophistry in the world won’t change them. Try reading Liberal Fascism by Goldberg for a better explanation, Ann Coulter also has several books that have a large amount of data backing my claims.

    You and others can ignore the facts but that doesn’t change the facts.

  10. Richard,
    I defined the link between communists and fascists as ‘female’, you claim it as Marxism because they both assert a totalitarian collectivism. I show the female submissives and female rejectors at work, both producing sexual fantasies and identities they forget how they entered into to claim birthright and paradigm.
    You bring no discourse or evidence Hitler relied on or praised Marxism, when we know he praised Islam.
    That the rebellious child born from Communism is fascist is a non-brainer, for any feminized male child like a Muslim will roar to assert their manhood, (but never will if they do not leave the cult of being female before Allah), so therefore, they cannot imprison a person through Marxism, (those made male before Gaia, Mother Earth). It is not in their nature.

  11. When I say made male, (or female), I mean a counterfeit identity that living by faith alone brings. So the god of the sky or god of the earth serves the new adherents with a rush of validity, pride and purpose. This found superiority of belonging is only ruined by real males and real females, and so anyone normal is denied access to resources and presence, and openly and legally discriminated against.
    This is their war against the child.
    If you are prevented from saying a spade is a spade through hate crimes, the believers have protected themselves.

  12. The fact Hitler pretended a egalitarian society is no more than Muslims espousing Peace and agreeing to Human Rights – when all along they meant to solely for themselves – and hate and destruction for you.
    A world with Aryans and slaves, or Muslims and slaves.
    Communism makes everyone a slave or dead.

  13. So, did Hitler come from communism and see it useful to fool the German People? Yes, who doesn’t like being given gifts they did not earn? This is Socialism: buying favors. But there will come such rumour of poverty that they will jump to the piper that plays the tune. Marxism or Fascism. Called to the god of men, or the goddess of women. Both idols of the incomplete.

  14. You are talking in circles, Hitler and the Nazi’s claimed to be Marxists, until Germany attacked the USSR international communism claimed them as Marxist, these are part of the historical record.

  15. If we let the left continue to define Fascism as the far right and then call the conservatives as far right we are letting them say that all conservatives and libertarians are at heart big government types that want to force the rest of us to live the way they want. Also with both ends of the spectrum big government totalitarian types there is no room in the spectrum for small government freedom loving groups.

    Things like this matter in persuading the average non political types to support our position, after all do you want to associate with people that are suppose to be Nazi’s?

  16. Ok. But I’m only now learning what communism is, more detail than my father’s working definition: “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine.” Beyond the use of the word as an expletive.

  17. I have already written I agree with you the Far Right are a pseudo-conservative creature, and tried to show you their female upbringing as counter-men on their tattooed outside but femaled ‘yes boss’ responding dhimmi-bitches on the inside.

    That fascists read and expoused Marxism, that women should be equally educated, freed from the bondage of marriage and child-rearing I did not know of, and am still looking into it.

    Your statement that the Far Right should be considered Far Far Left is true, as elucidated. To protest for men’s issue with a Muslim by you side is like being in the presence of a homosexual. You know at one point in their lives they submitted and gave in, and serve a kingdom bent on destroying yours. To got to the right of conservatism is not fascism. It is a product of the left as sub is to dom.

  18. So, all we need is a more accurate description for them.
    Richard Dawkins called those who believed the first step to wisdom was their fear of God, ‘Dims’. By default, because those who feared the State group-thought he called ‘Brights’.

    I’m sure you could improve on it, but how about, Fems and Doms? Anally receptive and anally productive. It is what they do. So the British Dom Party, or Socialist Fem Party. Or the Fem-Dom Alliance. Then you see where the money goes transparently. The Organization of Doms Council, or Federation of Fems.
    Non-People pretending to each other who must appear as aliens to young children untainted by the system.

  19. Fascism started in Italy and the founders of the Fascist movement stated that they were going to create a Marxism that works, their idea was to allow private property but to control what people did with their property through government regulations. Look at what the “Progressives” in the US are doing, they are using government regulations (often created without Congressional approval) to control what you can do with your property.

    Both Hitler and Mussolini were communists with the latter being considered on of the smarter leaders of the Italian communists. Hitler probably left the communists because they already had established leaders and he was not being allowed to take control of the German communists and like many others in history decided to create a competitive group that he could control. He found the Fascist ideology compatible with the communist ideology (in France the lower ranking members of the communists and neo Nazis regularly change parties) that he could control. He found the German Marching societies that were already following the Marxist ideology to a large extent and invited them to join him thus creating the SA, the Brown Shirts the original Storm Troopers. After he took control of Germany he suppressed the SA using the charge of homosexuality of the majorHitler ity of the members as an excuse. The real reason for the suppression and execution of many was that the SA leader Rohm had a strong following in the SA and was thus a political danger to Hitler. Those who survived the Night of the Long Knives was allowed to join the SS and swear personal loyalty to HItler.

    Hitler then with the help of Stalin suppressed the German communist party, Stalin helped Hitler because some of the some of the German communists were threats to Stalin’s leadership of international communism. For some reason Stalin who trusted no one trusted Hitler.

    I haven’t read as much about Italian fascism but know it was a milder form and really didn’t concentrate on racial purism as much.

  20. The point where the desire leaves the heart, has lost me. Then politics, culture, religion grabs and distorts beyond recognition an answer of any meaning; save that of pride of pontification. Economists can’t get it right for the moment, let alone work out the mistakes of the past.

    So all I can do is look to the human ape and see what insecurity makes her worry about tomorrow.
    Fascism with its hyper-masculinity, and socialism with its “40% female” hyper-feminity displays an evil, envious, sexual-indulged beastial mind, no more than your average workplace, that no Alien should ever attempt to contact or else face their demise.

    Hitler exploited, created and preyed on anxieties, using collectivism as his hypnosis. What he wanted… May have just been to be a man.

    The book “Understanting Mohammad” by Ali Sina shows there needs to be one for Hitler.

    Thank you for the discourse, Richard.

  21. So when the Socialists silence The Right for ‘hate speech’ they do not do it to the Far Right, the camp counterfeiters.
    The oppression of women in Islam is due to fear and revulsion of their power over them. The feminist can live with that for she see her sisters as dumb breeders; as much a Muslim sees his socialist male peers as beneath him and worthy of extermination.

    They know they drink from the same source of life, the femaled mind, and sex is all they have left to mire their mind into.

  22. I don’t understand the sexual associations with left or right, fascist or communist. Metaphors like these confuse me.
    Is it Freud? Yin-Yang? How to understand?

  23. Yucki,
    Masculinity and Femininity merely describe left brain and right brain behaviors. The Hindus appear female to the Muslims. Simply because their children have been heminized from exposure to the way their authority figures interpret the environment.
    It is those made blind.

  24. An autistic woman has contempt for all that is feminine. A left brain cognitively impaired male has no desire for individuality. If they then have faith they are the true birthers one becomes Muslim the other a socialist. They are the believers, the knowers. I know I don’t know, and so lok for deeper principles, and seek and you will find.

  25. If the animal mind works like this, from the wolf pack to lion pride, then their models of hierarchy will be expressed in human society. A solution would be to help people snap out of it. Another is for Socialists to fix it with non-gender children. Such are the blind leading the blind.

  26. So if one parent said ‘I never smack my kids but give them free rein until I imprison them for incorrect behavior’ and another said, ‘I hit my kids so they know their place’ I would know they were living in the world of the damned.

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