News links for Jan 13 2014 – 2

1. Le Pen to do ‘maximum’ to block further EU integration

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen has promised that nationalist parties will do “the maximum” to block further EU integration if they make gains in May’s European elections. “I don’t expect anything from the European system except that it explodes,” she told journalists in Paris.

(Another excellent reason to vote Le Pen. If she doesn’t get in, France will elect a genuine strong man down the road. This is a historical likelihood)

2. Values charter opponents wear religious symbols on eve of public hearings

The ferment over the Parti Quebecois’ proposed secular values charter will only deepen as the minority PQ government launches hearings into the legislation this week.

National Assembly MNAs are expected to get about 250 submissions when they begin hearings Tuesday on Bill 60, CTV News reports.

The legislation, whose most contentious element would bar public-sector employees from wearing religious symbols such as head coverings, crosses and stars of David, has driven a deep wedge into Quebec society.  (mediocre Video at site)

3. BBC spends over 20,000£ to cover up meeting on how to shape opinion on climate change. (That pretty much tells you all you need to know about it IMO)

 “It seems clear that this seminar was a means of exposing executives to green propaganda.”

But the BBC insisted the conference was just one of a series of seminars staged about topical issues.

It also said that the battle against FOI disclosure was made in line with a policy to keep “information relating to the creation of journalism” out of the public eye.

4. Israeli air force retaliates after Palestinians fire rockets near Ariel Sharon funeral

The Israeli air force retaliated to Palestinian rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip on Monday, hitting sites used by militants after rockets were fired from the territory near the end of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s funeral.

5. Two German diplomats attacked in car in Saudi Arabia

6. Egypt votes on new constitution while engulfed in a climate of fear and patriotism

An astounding 160,000 soldiers and 200,000 policemen were expected to deploy across Egypt on Tuesday and Wednesday to guard polling stations and voters following months of violence that authorities have blamed on Islamic militants. Supporters of Mohammed Morsi, the Islamist president ousted in a coup last summer, have said they would stage massive demonstrations and boycott the vote on a new constitution.

(This article needs to be read. It is a questionable-to-say-the-least exercise in voting)

7. B.C. woman killed for marrying against mother’s, uncle’s wishes, Crown

The conduct of the two accused amounted to “a systematic campaign of terror perpetrated by the persons sought against Jassi and Mithu in order to end their marriage and restore the family’s honour,” Strachan told B.C. Supreme Court Justice Gregory Fitch.

Jassi Sidhu and her husband, Sukhwinder (Mithu) Sidhu, were attacked near a small village in the Punjab on June 8, 2000. He survived but her body was found several days later.

8. Here is a site worth having a look at. I don’t know the people and cannot verify the information but there is nothing any more outrageous than we see about islam every day everywhere else. This site focuses on India.

Here is a video from that site on the murder of Hindus who had voted.

Thank you M, Richard, Fjordman and all. More to come most likely.


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12 Replies to “News links for Jan 13 2014 – 2”

  1. 2/ “We shouldn’t care what is on a person’s head, but what is in it,” Norma O’Donnell of Canadians for Coexistence told the Montreal Gazette…

    She must feel so righteous every time she repeats that, but it’s a safe bet Ms. O’Donnell has done none of the reading and research, none of the looking required to see what is in Muslim heads.

  2. I must be the only one inCanada who along with the few. In Quebec want to get rid of all religious costumes in the public sector. Period Jews islamics sieks Christians whoever…. I am sick of this, and it was not until the liberals and their appeasement to the Lobby group of savages who wanted to change the RCMP and did so,, in the past and today, most Jews christians and any other religios or cultural group who wants to integrate and adhere to the values of this great land, never force their religious costumes or values in their work personas. Only the extremists do this. And they are usually associated with all sorts of other extremist behaviours and beliefs usually running counter to the values in our society

  3. Mirticiaa the values of all of Western Civilization are based on the Judo/Christian values and traditions, banning all activities of both are banning Western Civilization.

  4. Richard

    You are right. Without Christianity there would never be a Western civilisation. And that includes science and technology.

    But the secular idiots don’t even know that secularism is a byproduct of Christianity. From John Wycliffe to Locke, and many Baptists in Europe and America, were killed for championing Secularism.

    So all religious symbols will be banned from the public square? Will all those crosses on European flags be removed? Will Bach cantatas, Mozart, Handel and others, not be played by state funded orchestras? Will all those sculptures by Michaelangelo, paintings by Raphael, Giotto and others be removed from state funded galleries?

    How much of Western civilisation has to be “removed” from the public square till people say enough, and instead “remove” those who wish to wipe us out as a culture and civilisation.

  5. The stupidity of these arguments is so typical. I lived and worked in the professional sector for over 40 years. Along side Jews and Christians. ( oh and a good friend who was Muslim as well as women friends from many races and cultures) and not ever not even once did any of them ever wear symbols or costumes tHat drew unusual attention to their values or beliefs. or symbols that drew attention to their values or beliefs. It was not until the backward cultural practices of many multi culti groups began to insist Supported by the liberal mobs. That their rights were being infringed by not being allowed to wear their underwear (so to speak) while at work. Back in the j60 and 70 s not too many corporate hiring practices included hiring long haired unkempt creepy individuals. But our awarenesses have broadened and we have a much looser and more open view of this these norms. However although more open there are still issues of some semblance of standards that a majority of society expects in the work sector. My response to being over accommodated to the values and costumes of other cultures is to refuse to be served by anyone wearing any type of Halloween costumes especially those representing extremist religious beliefs that infringe on the values of women, commit gender apartheid and other hideous gender equality standards such as islamics, Sikhs, Hindus, Christians ( evangelical or catholic. As you know even the misogynistic Catholics gave up the old habits for nuns several decades ago, although there are still some dinosaurs out there.. When you see the implications of where over accommodating
    religious costumes leads in say 2 or 3 decades. It is a direction that leads not toward a more accepting and inclusive society, but rather far away from this ideal.

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