Footballers attacked with bar and sticks

This article makes one glaring omission. It would appear that it was a muslim team that attacked a White British team. How curious. H/T ML

From the Halifax Courier:

Savile Park, Halifax.

Savile Park, Halifax.

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  1. We had a young muslim family join karate and the mother said to Sensei that they could not bow as they only bowed to allah. Sensei said fine. By the end of the lesson they were all bowing like everyone else. They lasted 2 lessons. I reckon Sensei knew that would happen so didnt make a fuss. However the Halifax man seems like he was on a missionary mission all along.It will happen more and is probably happening all the time.

  2. Photographs of ‘Al Halifax Hammers’ :

    No surprises here then, note the presence of some well-bearded headbangers and in the newspaper article the rush to brush it all under the carpet. Obviously Islamophobia is strictly forbidden in well enriched Yorkshire these days, probably in order not to incite the enrichers any further or draw the attention of the Thought Police.

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