News links for Jan 7 2014 – 1

1. Dozens of cultural enrichers who snuck into Israel get dumped in to Sweden.

2. Yesterday I wrote a short hastily written thing about the stages of the implementation of totalitarianism. If I am able, I would like to flesh that out into a better article. But here is pretty solid evidence of stage 2 in the UK. In the name of tolerance and pluralism, you implement “Zero tolerance” policies with criminal consequences.

3. Even the most mild and gentle attempt by sovereign nations to stop invaders meets harsh criticism. Here Australia tries to stop the endless procession of Muslim illegals by sea.

4. Dutch soccer team ditches Israeli player for Abu Dhabi match  

Two Dutch politicians and several media criticized the team Vitesse from Arnhem over the weekend for agreeing to play in Abu Dhabi despite the refusal Saturday to let Dan Mori into the country for matches against two German teams.

Geert Wilders, leader of the rightist, pro-Israel Party for Freedom, on Sunday called the team cowardly on his Twitter account. “Vitesse shouldn’t have gone to the United Arab Emirates to protest the refusal to let Mori in. They are now accepting the emirates’ Jew-hate. Cowardly.”

5. French victory at Tours:

Thank you M, Fjordman, Richard and Steve V

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  1. Just sent you that Email it is already here. LOVE Charles Martel. We need leadership like him so bad in the west it is pitiful

  2. Phil:

    It almost certainly will come down to a strong man at this stage. There ain’t gonna be no secular democracy anytime soon.

  3. To be fair if the Israelis don’t take their fair share or Eritreans Israelis and Jews in general are going to become mighty unpopular with whites once someone points out the Ethnocentrism of the Jewish state and the multiculturalism of the diaspora Jew. Once it sinks in Armageddon begins.

    Shape up guys before it is too late.

  4. 3/ It’s nauseating that there could be anything remotely controversial about towing a boatload of invaders back to the country they set out from.

  5. Eeyore I am very afraid that you are right, it has come down to a strongman to save the west, the big questions is how much freedom will the strongman allow? I am praying that the US remains a democratic republic but am afraid that all western nations are going to return to some form of strongman rule.

  6. Thing is, you don’t just need your strongman, plenty of those about, you need a set of core beliefs, A CULTURE that people are willing to fight and die to achieve or protect. NO functioning state has ever existed without a foundation of religious belief, except, of course the extreme ideologies of naziism and communism.
    Do as you will, each to his own, make up your own rules, let it all hang out ‘secular democracy’ doesn’t quite fit the bill, it has no uniting (or redeeming) qualities. Without a God you can have no God given rights. THEY know that, THAT is why they are working so hard to destroy Christianity. WITH God given rights come God dictated responsibilities. Ever heard of ‘noblesse oblige’ ? All men being equal before God has nothing to do with socialism, it means all are bound by the same rules, effectively equal under the law which doesn’t sit well with our present leaders, who, despite all their protestations of egalitarianism, continually pass laws which they exempt themselves from. NO higher authority makes them the sole authority.So, the choices open to us at the moment are:Continue in our fractious, divided, self indulgent way until we are completely destroyed OR unite behind some yet unknown leader, whos sales pitch to his followers will HAVE to involve some form of oppressive political ideology.
    OR rediscover the philosophy, which delivered to us the freest, safest, most decent most prosperous, wealthiest, most technologically advanced civilisation that has ever existed on the face of this earth – and if you really, in your heart think otherwise, then you are fooling yourself. Adopt the faith, adopt the rules and refuse to be swayed from them and everything will be alright – REALLY. If we had refused to be swayed, tempted, bullied, ridiculed, persuaded away from the philosophy upon which our civilization was founded then we would not be suffering most of the problems that we suffer from today – least of all foreigners and alien cultures dictating the way we live.
    SHOULD be a no brainer, but I won’t hold my breath.

  7. Re; secular democracy, it’s over-rated.

    I have long ago decided that the pol-ICY is far, far more important than the pol-ITY.

    If a there existed a pure White, Christian, Nationalist, Strongman Monarchy on this planet, I for one would be banging on the door to get residency. As would, I imagine, much of the population of the EU.

    Re: item #2

    It’s hard for me to get too worked up about it. Look at the last name of the landlord. Mustard on Mustard crime is NHI – “no humans involved.”

  8. You can’t just dismiss communists & nazis as too extreme, Phil. They’re still around, I think. Their belief structure was tantamount to G-d-given, with concomitant rights & responsibilities. They make a strong argument that’s too persuasive to dismiss just because we Judeo-Christian believers find it repellent.

    They believed they could create a ‘new man’, a new & better version than the old Adam & Eve progeny. Blond, healthy, socially homogeneous. Given these constituents, utopian socialism would arise naturally, transcend primitive nationalities and ethnic superstition.

    “Natural selection” was too slow, inefficient. Degenerates claim too many resources, while the higher orders deteriorate by miscegenation. If the weak and inferior strains were eliminated from the breeding pool, a superior mankind would emerge. Peace and comity characterize the society of the noble.

    Unlike Judeo-Christian ideologies, these doctrines don’t depend on the outside agency of a messiah to be realized. They just need a Strongman who refuses to be subject to social constructs that are so obviously dysfunctional. Together with his acolytes — and a silent majority — he can effectuate the cleansing process with little more disruption than we tolerate in compromises every day.

    Current notions of what is & isn’t correct are not etched in stone. On the contrary, they jettison attitudes and behaviors that were established over long periods of human development. No one in this life can can go back in time, but we can exercise a measure of control over our future. A mechanistic approach might lead us to the _wrong_ Strong man. Even worse if he’s able to convince some of us he’s the Messiah.

    I just don’t know where to go with this.

  9. Yucki I agree in the most part with what you are saying. I think you are illustrating my point that, once God is taken out of the equation, then ANYTHING is possible,ANYTHING is permissible in pursuit of the ‘common good’. Christianity, for all it’s faults, for all its wars, for all its mistakes can’t, in two thousand years lay claim to anything like the level of murder, genocide, oppression, torture, death in wars committed by ANY ONE of the major countries unfortunate enough to be subjected to naziism or communism in less than the whole of the twentieth century. Christianity is NOT sustained by oppression, no matter what the propagandists tell us, that is why it has such a hard time defending itself, that, and a small thing called the TRUTH, which seems to be a very fluid thing in other philosophies, but is one of the cornerstones of our beliefs.
    Richard, I have no doubt that we will prevail in the end. As I have said before, Christianity IS the fastest growing religion in the world – thanks to countries like Russia, China, Georgia, Iran – Countries which have suffered greatly. I just fear for how bad things have to get before we see sense.

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