News links for Jan 6 2014 – 4

1. Excellent analysis of the jihadi mentality in the video below. In this video, competing groups of jihadis discuss tribal supremacy.

2. Muslim doing the call to prayer from a Moscow cathedral.

[Kazan Cathedral Russian: ????????? ?????, also known as the “Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan”, is a Russian Orthodox church located on the northeast corner of Red Square in Moscow, Russia. The current building is a reconstruction of the original church, which was destroyed at the direction of then General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin, in 1936.]

3. A distopian vision of the future in the Telegraph which is probably close to how it plays out and, in my opinion, because of our failure to contain islam and leftism.

4. Daniel Greenfield article on the recent news about how France’s most immigrant city is now Europe’s most dangerous one.

5. Iran’s Khamenei bans chatting between unrelated men and women

The ruling came in response to a question sent to the supreme leader on his Website. His answer was: “Given the immorality that often applies to this, it is not permitted.”

The ruling came days after Iranian authorities blocked WeChat, a popular messaging app that enables smart phone users to access online social networks.

(It is important to keep in mind however, that Shiite Islam endorses ‘temporary marriages’ where a couple who want to spend a raunchy afternoon or weekend in a sleazy motel most certainly may do so as long as they kick up to the local imam and get a piece of paper showing they paid up, proving again that islam is really just a kind of massive MAFIA where anything goes so long as you act in its interest and enrich its leaders.)

6. Islamic extremist jailed for Myanmar embassy bomb plot

Achmad Taufiq (L) is guarded by a policeman prior to his trial at the South Jakarta court in Jakarta on November 11, 2013. Picture: AFP PHOTO / ADEK BERRY

JAKARTA – An Indonesian court jailed an Islamic extremist for seven and a half years Monday over an “evil” plot to bomb the Myanmar embassy to avenge the killing of Rohingya Muslims.

7. Nearly a million flee violence in Central African Republic

The nearly 935,000 displaced people are hiding in bushes and seeking refuge with host families, and churches and schools have been turned in to makeshift shelters. More than half the population of the capital city of Bangui has been displaced, and nearly 60% of them are displaced children, according to the latest report from UNHCR, the United Nations’ refugee agency.

8. French article: Wild boar heads put up at French Mosque. (If only it was the other way around)

9. Excellent speech by Pamela Geller.

Pamela Geller from DHFC on Vimeo.

Thank you Fjordman, M, Wrath of Khan,  Oz-Rita and all who sent in this material and more.

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  1. RE # 4; If the French government had any balls it would be time to declare martial law and call in the Legion, round up the dirtbags, and if guilty off to prison BTW 35 % is the tipping point.

  2. Police disperse pro-Morsi sit-in at Paris consulate

    Police dispersed a pro-Morsi sit-in at the Egyptian consulate in Paris on Monday afternoon.

    Dozens of protesters conducted the sit-in for several hours to demand the reinstatement of ousted president Mohamed Morsi and the 2012 constitution.

    The 3 July Group Against The Coup announced via Facebook that it would conduct the open-ended sit-in at the consulate in Paris and called on Egyptians do the same at other embassies around the world.

    A diplomatic source at the Egyptian foreign ministry told Al-Ahram Arabic news website that the protesters had ignored requests to move by the consul and his assistant.

    “French police were summoned to disperse the sit-in,” the source added.

    The protesters entered the consulate individually, claiming they needed to compete paperwork.

    On 8 and 9 January, expatriates will vote at embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions in Egypt’s constitution referendum.

  3. #1

    Whenever I see a gang of hysterical Muslims leaping around,pointing at the sky and shouting, “Allahu Akbar!”, I am always brought to mind of that exact scene from the beginning of “2001 A Space Odyssey”. They’re like big dangerous children saying, “My Mom’s better than your Mom.”, only they’re willing to kill over it. I can imagine nothing more barbaric or primitive. Islam is the precise opposite of what most of us would call, “enlightenment”.

  4. 1/ Chris Jones, that’s because you’re thinking of the Kubrick remake, and not the original visionary Islamic epic about how the cult of the black monolith was the true religion of the earliest hominids. After these scenes from the dawn of mankind there is that celebrated leap forward to Muslim childhood’s end, when another kaaba has been discovered on the moon and the last jihadis hijack the last lunar transport leaving the nuclear wasteland that warring tribes of jihadis have made of the of Earth, slaughter the last kafirs in the struggling moonbase before slitting the throats of the crew of the Europa expedition and embarking on a suicide run for the great cube in orbit around Jupiter. Thus is Allah’s plan for mankind fulfilled.

  5. Islam and Socialism are exactly the same: They are both People Of The Pussy.

    The fascist determines their bloodline, thus identity from the loins of their females and the Socialist gets their approval, thus identity from the loins of their females. Watching the females as repressive or submissive males. They can’t be normal in the presence of real women, becoming macho and camp in a schizophrenic melee of fear and loathing, detachment and rejection… Masked in a cloak of sanctimoneous holy protection and material preference, in the hope they wont see their pathetic weakness. It is a superficiality of manhood only whores enjoy, for the benefit in kind and the rich sense of receiving an offered secret superiority.

    Or is only me that knows the difference between a transparent person and a deconstructed fraud to find the stench overpowering?

  6. NYT – Germany Adds Lessons in Islam to Better Blend Its Melting Pot

    The classes offered in Hesse State are part of a growing consensus that Germany, after decades of neglect, should do more to acknowledge and serve its Muslim population if it is to foster social harmony, overcome its aging demographics and head off a potential domestic security threat.

    […]By offering young Muslims a basic introduction to Islam as early as first grade, emphasizing its teachings on tolerance and acceptance, the authorities hope to inoculate young people against more extreme religious views while also signaling state acceptance of their faith.

    […]For many teachers, German officials and, not least, Germany’s Muslims, wider instruction in Islam is a belated effort to redress decades of exclusion from the mainstream. Those years of marginalization, they say, meant many of Germany’s Muslims learned their faith by rote teaching at Quran schools, or from the hard-line musings over the Internet or in the courtyard mosques of immigrant neighborhoods in major cities like Hamburg or Berlin.

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