News links for Jan 6 2014 – 3

1. US-Brokered Deal ‘Just the First Stage’ in Israel’s Demise

 …a senior Palestinian Authority official has told Syrian TV that any agreement will simply be the “first stage” in eradicating Israel altogether.

2. The Islamic example has begun to work it’s way into England in quite an interesting way. This is without question an aspect of multiculturalism, and why all cultures and people must discriminate between what is a desirable culture and what is not.

3. Freedom of speech wins in at least one US courtroom.

Attorney Joe Sibley just won my First Amendment court case, Friday, January 3, 2014 here in Oklahoma City. The Oklahoma District Court case (No. CJ-2011-5510), filed on August 8, 20011, was resolved with a summary judgment from Judge Thomas E. Prince. I filed against the protesters who interfered with my speaking engagement with American Renaissance. The story of the outcome of the case was presented in impressive detail by, then summaries appeared in, and by Many thanks to these sites and their watchful eyes. This is indeed a great occasion for lovers of free speech.

4. The photo below is alleged to be of a muslim jihadi trying to protect the only organ he cares about so that somehow, it will survive his death and be useful in Mohamed’s pretend brothel in the sky. Notice he does not wear a helmet.

Brick before dick

5. Czech Officials: Explosion From Illegal Palestinian Weapons Cache Possible Tip of the Iceberg of Europe Weapon Smuggling Ring

Guns to be used in attacks captured by the IDF in Hebron. Photo: IDF

Guns to be used in attacks captured by the IDF in Hebron. Photo: IDF

A weapons cache that exploded inside a locked safe at the site of the future Palestinian Authority embassy in Prague was entirely unregistered, and the illegal cache may be just the tip of the iceberg of a Europe-wide weapons smuggling ring, according to Czech officials. The sources made the allegation in interviews with Czech-language, which were translated by the Elder of Ziyon blog.

Thank you UK Pete, M, Fjordman and all who sent in material. More to come.

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  1. Thought-provoking…

    Fine French food in the heart of Pakistan, just no Pakistanis allowed (nbcnews, Jan 6, 2014)
    ““It’s not a discrimination thing. It’s a culturally sensitive thing. How can I serve pork and booze to Pakistanis without getting into trouble? So I have a rule: no locals getting in.” By Islamic tenet and Pakistani law, Muslims are forbidden from alcohol and pork consumption. As a foreigner, Lafforgue claims he is allowed a license to serve alcohol to only non-Muslims; but there are no rules that allow him to deny Pakistanis entrance to his restaurant or a meal. He has the right to reject serving alcohol to Muslim customers – as many other local hotels do – but he decided to deny Pakistanis entrance entirely. Even thought his entire staff – including his bartender and chef – is Pakistani. “It’s not discrimination, it’s my respect to the people,” said Lafforgue. “I can’t open it up to the Pakistani people because I serve alcohol. If I start serving locals, which is obviously profitable, I will have to bribe the police…which I want to avoid.””

  2. #1

    It seems to me that there is no way to negotiate with Arabs, unless you’re dumb enough to go along with a “heads I win, tails you lose” type situation. The only “negotiation” that Arabs will ever consider is for total victory for themselves and crushing, humiliating defeat for their opponent. They do not even believe in the concept of “good faith bargaining”, only in win-at-any-cost dealing. The only thing that would make them happy would be if all the Jews committed suicide, after emptying their wallets.

    Why must we suffer the utter insult of hearing about these “Middle East Peace Talks”, when they are nothing but a made-up narrative in which not one word is the truth? There is no peace process, there is no conflict, there is no occupation, there is no problem, there are no “Palestinians”, and the Arabs could fix the whole thing in ten minutes if they felt like it, which they don’t. There’s at least one whole other “Israel” sitting at the end of the Sinai Peninsula – unused – for Pete’s sake! It’s all a big bullshit fairy tale invented just for fooling us sheeple…

  3. Nearly a million flee violence in Central African Republic (CNN, Jan 7, 2014)
    “As the violence in the Central African Republic reaches unprecedented levels, aid organizations say the number of internally displaced people edges toward a million, further hampering humanitarian relief efforts. The nearly 935,000 displaced people are hiding in bushes and seeking refuge with host families, and churches and schools have been turned in to makeshift shelters. More than half the population of the capital city of Bangui has been displaced, and nearly 60% of them are displaced children, according to the latest report from UNHCR, the United Nations’ refugee agency…”

  4. 4/
    He doesn’t need to wear a helmet. There’s nothing in his head worth protecting. The only functioning part of a Muslim male is indeed the penis. You’ve seen how they breed like rabbits.

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