Young Hero, killed in the Gardens of Trocadero on New Years Eve, as he attempted to recuperate the handbag stolen from a (girl) friend.

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Paris (NOVOpress): in the night of December 31 2013 to the 1st January, Antoine, this young French man aged 20 has been murdered (stabbed to death) in the gardens of Trocadero. He had attempted to oppose a gang who had just stolen the handbag of one of the girls, a friend. While Manuel Valls (French Interior Minister) boasts about “positive results” and that the candidates of the PS (socialists in power) and the UMP (conservatives) remain silent about this, the Candidate of the Front National (Marine LePen) for the municipals of Paris commented: “Antoine is part of that generation which is born and has grown up in a permanent insecurity”.
We plan a homage to this young hero for Friday 3. January 2014 at 14h30 at the place where he has been murdered: 5, Avenue Albert de Mun, 75116 Paris, next to the entrance to the aquarium.

Translators note: “Trocadero” is a very posh aerea of Paris (16e), where the thugs have traditionally not yet penetrated too much.

Also, this Facebook page which is a homage to the man who was murdered, most likely by muslims, has been turned into a dawa attempt where muslims ask their savage god to ‘forgive’ the man who was killed.

Thank you Oz-Rita for finding and translating this.

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10 Replies to “Young Hero, killed in the Gardens of Trocadero on New Years Eve, as he attempted to recuperate the handbag stolen from a (girl) friend.”

  1. This illustrates the results of weapons control, the honest citizens (the victims) are disarmed and the criminals are empowered to be more violent and anti-social.

  2. Simple five-point solution:

    1/ Citizens armed
    2/ Leftists purged from government
    3/ Leftist dogma no longer taught in schools and colleges
    4/ Muslims expelled
    5/ Mosques demolished or converted

  3. Softly, your #2: Leftists purged.
    And those nominally “Republican” or “right” in name only?
    aka “RINOs” – what about them? How do you even know where to look?

  4. It is sad to think that our western democratic republics are being pushed into banning ideologies, unfortunately this may be necessary if freedom is to survive.

  5. Bob, yes, and it’s best to Keep It Simple Softly. B.S. is what the other side specializes in.

    A for instance (if any were needed) – from Wikipedia on the OIC:

    ‘In June 2008, the OIC conducted a formal revision of its charter. The revised charter set out to promote human rights, fundamental freedoms, and good governance in all member states. The revisions also removed any mention of the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam. Within the revised charter, the OIC has chosen to support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international law.[4]’

    Footnote [4] is to RESOLUTION NO. 60/27-P ON THE FOLLOW-UP OF THE CAIRO DECLARATION ON HUMAN RIGHTS IN ISLAM, adopted in June 2000, which ‘Welcomes the unanimous decision of the Nineteenth Session of the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers to issue the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam as a general guideline for Member States in the field of human rights.’

    In other words, the footnote is b.s.

    The 2008 Revised Charter says this:

    Article 15

    The Independent Permanent Commission on Human Rights shall promote the civil, political, social and economic rights enshrined in the organisation’s covenants and declarations and in universally agreed human rights instruments, IN CONFORMITY WITH ISLAMIC VALUES (caps mine).

    I.e, pure b.s.

  6. Generation Identitaire is all over this one. I noticed that as news broke out of this disgusting murder, their Facebook page, virtually overnight, garnered 500 additional followers. Marine Le Pen is right; he hails from the generation growing up in permanent insecurity, which is exactly why the French youth are flocking to the only movement willing to defend itself.

    Generation Identitaire is in basic terms, considering this an attack on one of their own, and organizing mass rallies in both Antoine’s honour, and against the French politicians for allowing such a disgrace to happen in France, to their own people. They’re also going to be holding self-defense classes for all their members, so that they’re ready for future attacks. So, Softly Bob, while they’re unarmed, they are following your line of thinking, and arming themselves as best they can without actual firearms (though perhaps a few have access to some).

    I have a feeling this could snowball into something big, especially with the way Generation Identitaire is treating this. They’ve become quite a big movement in both Europe and France, and their ideas tend to be taken as marching orders by the rest of the youth. Keep your eyes on this story… I don’t think this is over yet.

    Their Facebook page, if anyone wants to take a peak at their reactions and plans.

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