Several groups of Turks engage in abuse of statues of Santa Claus.

Here are videos of three groups of Turkish muslims ritually cutting off the foreskin of a statue of Santa Clause and then killing him.

I guess they were inspired by that old classic Christmas song, ‘I saw muslims Circumcising Santa Claus’.

It’s a safe bet that thousands of Christians across the world, or even Coca-Cola employees, since it was Coke that invented Santa as he is depicted here, or even the Elf union will not be rioting and killing and burning down UN buildings when they see this ‘desecration’ of Western culture.

And lastly this:

But of course, when someone makes a video of a koran being handled in some way or a depiction of the pirate mohamed etc. then you see bloodshed and they blame it on the West and claim they are “defending their religion“. Because after all, one of the major tactics of Islamic advancement is the classic grade three logic of, ‘the fight started when he hit me back’.


(Thanks M for these gems. Also there is a chance we can get a subtitled version of one of these up if our translator tells us its worth the effort.)

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    Turkey Requests Saint Nicholas Bones From Pope Francis

    Santa Claus Peace Council writes to Pontiff

    (ANSAmed) — ISTANBUL, DECEMBER 27 — The Turkey-based Santa Claus Peace Council has said it has written a letter to Pope Francis, requesting the return of the bones of Saint Nicholas, as daily Hurriyet reported. Council Chairman Muammer Karabulut said they were expecting Pope Francis to give a positive response to their request to have a meeting on the bones, which are currently in Bari, Italy. “We have been struggling for the return of the bones since 1995. State institutions have also been involved in this struggle,” Karabulut said. “So far, we have not reached a conclusion.”

    Saint Nicholas, a historic Christian saint, died in 343 at the age of 73 in Demre, currently a district of the Mediterranean Turkish province of Antalya. His habit of performing miracles and his reputation of giving secret gifts to the faithful made him a model for Santa Claus.

    — Hat tip: Fjordman

  2. No surprise here this is just typical Muslim behavior, they change the rules at their whim, and it’s always their way or no way.

  3. This race and religion (yes I DID say ‘race’) always go for the genitals – and metaphorically they usually get to the dicks, looking at you, mr. camOron and your kind.

    Islam made me do it (be vulgar I mean).

  4. They are actually “serenading’ this CocaCola-Advertisment??!!! Are they intending to give their multiple ‘wives’ the evening off and gang-bang their new blow-up doll instead?


    “…the major tactics of Islamic advancement is the classic grade three logic of, ‘the fight started when he hit me back’.”

    I may just borrow that one, if i may, Eeyore? 😉

  5. These actions show the crude barbaric culture that is Islam, they are stuck in a time period when that won’t let them understand the difference between a myth to make the kids happy and reality. We need to be vigilant to prevent their destruction of our culture and educational system to the point where we live at the same cultural and intellectual level as they do.

  6. What’s Santa ever done to anyone other than bring Joy to children, and he doesn’t kill for not believing in him. If anything was done or said against the Invisible Sky Baboon the Hypocrites would go crazy as per usual… Religion of peace my Arse

  7. Typical idiot muslim way. They can comments or simply talk craps about other religions especially Christian but one small word about stupid islam (small letter on ‘i’ on purpose) or the lying bastard and child rapist muhammad then you’ll see raghead going bloodlust. Enough is enough and we non muslim no longer fear these terrorist. We will say all we want on your stupid muslim ways. My middle finger in your face bunch of camel humping ragheads.

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