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11 Replies to “Russian train station blast update.”

  1. Of course it’s a proxy Saudi attack. There’s no such thing as a ‘lone’ Muslim suicide bomber. They are funded by rogue governments.
    Muslim nations are the enemy. We are at war!

    Every single Muslim nation should be attacked and wiped out, using nukes if necessary. The time for niceties is over. Dar-al-Islam should be blitzed, stripped, and purged. Shia and Sunni alike should be giving the thrashings of their lives – no compromise and no restraint. They deserve nothing but our utter contempt and disrespect, after all they have earned it!

  2. Just saw this blurb at RT:

    11:51 GMT: Russia’s council of mufti, “angrily condemns the actions of terrorists, who commit a grievous sin by killing innocent people,” the Russian Muslim cooperation organization said in a statement, adding that Islam has nothing to do with the crimes, which terrorist commit under the false pretense of following the religion’s precepts.
    “We mourn and pray to the Almighty to give patience and courage to the families of the victims and swift recovery to those suffering from this terrible attack,” the statement said.

    Notice the use of “the Almighty” instead of “Allah”.

  3. Second blast in two days in Russian city of Volgograd thought to be a terrorist act…at least 10 dead in another explosion on trolleybus

  4. Putin must go!
    I often watch Putins puppets on “Russia today”.The usual line after an attack in the West the carefully chosen talking heads is it’s caused by “Western interference” in domestic conflicts,while condemning terrorism and showing how Russias determination to defeat terrorism by any means is the best solution.Well his actions in CHECNYA (which i have no direct opinions),but more importantly his overt help in covering up President Assad’s chemical attacks has obviously upset Islamic radicals and the “Chickens have well and truly roosted”.

  5. Bob you are right, there is no such thing as a non government supported terror group, there can be single terrorists who are not paid by any government but all groups need government support to train and equip their people.

    Saudi is using the Sunni in that region to attack Russia which is supporting Iran, they are also funding the groups that are attacking the US because this keeps the terrorists from going after members of the Saudi Royal family.

    The main thing to remember is that the Koran forbids Moslems from being friends with non Moslems and instructs them to support all who attack non Moslems.

  6. Maverick:

    That would be an interesting theory except that the gas attacks were almost certainly launched by Al-Qaeda affiliates as all credible witnesses assert. These are the people the Obama admin overtly and covertly assist.

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