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9 Replies to “Sharia law in the UK”

  1. ‘The fight against sharia is much more than a religious or legal issue.’ ‘It’s actually a human rights thing. And that’s what we’re doing, and we’re working in partnership with non-Christians as well, on this, trying to bolster and strengthen the position for Muslim women.’

    I can see the value in what they’re doing, and their work may help to divide the Muslim community against itself, which can only be good. But I remain skeptical about this kind of effort. ‘The human rights thing’ for Muslim women is largely, I think, something for Muslim women to sort out. It is far less important for us than the religious (= ideological, because it’s Islam) and legal issues. I’m sure some of those younger and younger women going full-burka in East London are being bullied into it by male relatives. But other women are using it to bully everyone else, to push their ideology and help establish the religious/political/social system they want in place of traditional British structures. I suspect Mr. Craig is underestimating the enemy.

  2. don c

    Sharia as regards women would never stand a chance if Muslim women didn’t support it. There is just so much beatings a woman can stand, before her wrath no knows boundary. Sharia or no sharia, UK and EU law trump any sharia law.

    So what gives? Muslim women, like Muslim men, place Islam above any man-made law. Thus Muslim women will bow to sharia even though they have far better rights in common law. Allan Craig is not going to get anywhere for the above reason, and the problem of sharia, which really means the large scale presence of Muslims in the West, is going to get much worse.

    The solution is obvious.


    Agree. Then ban halal in all manifestations. This in itself will not solve the problem, but it will give a message that more is yet to come.

  3. DP111, That’s what all my experience of Muslimas tells me, both in their native habitats and in non-Muslim-majority lands. They’re part of the problem, not part of any solution.

  4. I can’t remember where the tribe lived but back in the 17 and 1800s some place in the world one tribe went for surgically removing the pubic hair of their victims.

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