News source: Containers of weapons seized coming into Egypt from various nations including America

If I am reading this right, the Obama admin appears to be sending weapons to Lebanon by way of Egypt. Im a little fuzzy on this. But it would be interesting to know to whom the US is sending large quantities of guns and ammunition.

It looks like civilian use weapons however. Shotguns and so on.

Here is a video of the goods.


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7 Replies to “News source: Containers of weapons seized coming into Egypt from various nations including America”

  1. Sounds like something O’moron would do.. Weapons for the jihadi rebels in Syria. For use against U.S. troops when the time comes .

  2. Shotguns are good for house to house fighting.

    They are also good against a civilian population that is totally or mostly disarmed.
    Screw Godwin’s law. the NAZIs before they were elected in large number cleared the cities block by block and street by street with fists, knives and guns (& probably a few hand grenades) of the communists.

    If these guns are not meant for Syria, they are meant for street brawls in Egypt. It was through street brawls that the NAZI intimidated people. and defeated an opposition party (communists)

    Yes it is only shotguns (for now), but it is scary as HELL. the people are telling us what they are prepared to do (untouchables Sean Connery).

  3. Jack, that was my first thought. And did you notice the mark-of-the-beast on the forehead of at least one of those guys? No question who’s being armed.

    Selling weapons to both sides in Syria means they’ll kill off more of each other. Which is kinda heart-warming.

  4. Jack, I wiki-ed Godwin’s Law. This context is supposed to be an exception to his rule, “Mention Nazi, kill blog thread.” Just in case, I’m adding this comment so Godwin’s Law can be well & truly screwed.

  5. FYI, during WWI the US armed several regiments with 20″ barreled shotguns, they were more feared by the Germans then massed machine guns, it was in the 1920s that the Germans (who introduced poison gas to war) got shotguns banned as military weapons. They did this despite the fact that in most cases a short barreled shotgun is as good if not better then a sub-machine gun.

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