Egyptian government arresting Muslim Brotherhood leaders – may face death penalty

Just heard this on CFRA. Let’s hope Canada and the US follow suit. This might prevent us from needing the Hayekian ‘strong man’ soution typically required when things get as bad as they clearly are going to get.

Egyptian police arrest Brotherhood supporters

Egypt’s security authorities has launched a sweep of arrests of Muslim Brotherhood members and warned that holding a leadership post in the group could now be grounds for the death penalty after it was officially declared a terrorist organisation, stepping up the government’s confrontation with its top political nemesis.

The announcement came as a bomb exploded in a busy intersection in Cairo Thursday morning (local time), hitting a bus and wounding five people. Though small, the blast raised fears that a campaign of violence by Islamic militants that for months has targeted police and the military could turn to civilians in retaliation for the stepped up crackdown.



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9 Replies to “Egyptian government arresting Muslim Brotherhood leaders – may face death penalty”

  1. The US won’t follow suit, because the Obama Admin. is in bed with The Muslim Brotherhood, and has allowed the entire American government to be infiltrated by its members.

    I hope Canada labels it a terrorist organization, but I won’t hold my breath.

    Egypt is taking the lead when it comes to The Brotherhood. Good for them! The Egyptian military knows from experience, just how dangerous The Brotherhood is. In the meantime – naïve, cowardly, or corrupt Western leaders, continue to facilitate The Muslim Brotherhood, and other groups just like it.

    It is incomprehensible just how stupid Western leaders are – post World War II, and Holocaust. Obviously they learned absolutely nothing from history, and are too ignorant to comprehend that appeasing fascists like The Muslim Brotherhood – empowers them.

  2. I checked CAIR’s website just now to see what they’re saying about this outrage to everything good and true. They don’t seem to have said anything yet. Nothing on ISNA’s site, nothing from ICNA (Top headline: Bangladesh leader’s execution is a political murder),

  3. Obama and company orchestrated the Arab Spring and are now working to consolidate the gains, the Egyptian Army taking over has caused them to panic, they now want to remove the military but don’t know how since the American public wouldn’t stand for the US invading Egypt, An offer of asylum would touch off a political crisis in the US but so far Obama and company have successfully managed to ignore their opposition.

  4. Three killed, 265 arrested at pro-Brotherhood protests across Egypt

    Nationwide clashes broke out on Friday between loyalists of deposed president Mohamed Morsi, local residents and security forces, leaving three dead.

    According to a statement issued by the interior ministry, the slain were killed in Cairo, Upper Egypt’s Menya and Damietta in the Nile Delta.

    The violence took place less than 48 hours after the cabinet declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group.

    An official source from the health ministry told Al-Ahram Arabic news website that at least 12 were injured in clashes in Cairo, Ismailia, Fayoum and Menya. Most of the injuries resulted from the use of birdshot.

    A total of 265 Muslim Brotherhood members were arrested, while three police vehicles were torched by pro-Morsi protesters across the country. The ministry had earlier announced the arrests included around 28 women.

    Earlier on Friday afternoon, Al-Azhar students hurled rocks at police who were deployed outside their hostel gates to prevent them protesting on the streets outside.

    The security forces fired teargas to disperse the protesters.–Three-killed,–arrested-at-proBrotherhood-.aspx

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