The depraved hypocrisy of the nanny state

I just discovered a business that was created by the wife of the founder of Google, Anne Wojcicki called 23 and me.

This business offered for an affordable rate, the opportunity to have your genetic code read and be told about everything from your likely ethnic heritage right down to possibilities for certain genetic diseases such as breast cancer.

The US Government has forced them to stop sending people these disease estimates based on the notion that they are “providing an unlicensed medical service.”

As I understand it,  no one is accusing 23andme of being inaccurate or that the science is bad or that the results are not accurate. But that by telling people what the odds are of a certain disease they may not bother to get checked for this problem or otherwise take action based on this information and so the government does not want you to know what those results are.

From tech

but many argue that information it provides about potential genetic illnesses could provoke extreme reactions from customers, including taking preventative steps like advance mastectomies, based on information that could be erroneous or not fully contextualized.

In other words, the government is denying you the chance to know something true about your future health because they do not trust you to make the right decisions with the information. Not that it is false or somehow fraudulent but that without the proper context you may not do the right thing with the information and your health.

I would like the US government to have a look at this: (and I know they will because if they don’t it will be the only thing in the world they aren’t watching.)

Ask Astrology and health

Chrystal healing

Reflexology USA

Shamanic healing

Psychic Healing

Biomagnetic healing

Naturopathic medicine

An the list could go on for some time. I haven’t even gotten to religious sites yet of bogus and fraudulent, sometimes multimillion dollar scams often played on the desperate and hopeless. and yet somehow these people operate with impunity.

So we see again. The great demon in the regulations solution to all problems. Selective enforcement, which leads in nearly all cases to the real offenders operating freely while those who may offer useful truths that may be beneficial are silenced. Sound familiar? It should.

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  1. Hilarious Penn & Teller. I thought they were right to cut chiropractors a bit of slack as in my experience these guys can occasionally do some good. The baby twister should be in court though.

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