News links for Dec. 22 2013 – 1

1. Situational awareness saves many lives during attempted slaughter on Israeli bus.

(A clear lesson here. Do not let political correctness or timidity stop you from being aware of where you are, and what may be an attempt to kill all around you. If you think there is a security risk, tell someone)

2. A THOUSAND Christians have been massacred by muslims in CAR in the PAST TWO DAYS

3. Al Qaeda says attack on Yemen military hospital was a ‘mistake’

 The Yemeni wing of al Qaeda has said a deadly attack on a military hospital by its fighters earlier this month was a mistake. It offered to pay “blood money” to the families of people killed in the attack.


Thank you M, Fjordman, Tundra T and all. This is too tragic for words. Will someone not do something to defend the genuinely peaceful people of the world from muslim supremacist manifest destiny?

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  1. TURKEY – ISTANBUL – Police fire teargas, water cannon at Istanbul protesters

    Police fired water cannon and teargas at protesters marching in Istanbul on Sunday against the Turkish government’s urbanization plans and a corruption investigation in which scores of people, including the sons of ministers, have been arrested.

    Hundreds of protesters gathered in a square in Istanbul’s Kadikoy district, holding banners calling Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan’s government to resign, Turkey’s Dogan News agency reported.

    Erdogan has denounced the corruption inquiry as the work of “dark alliances” and has vowed to expose those involved. In a crackdown on the police command, he has already removed dozens of police chiefs from their duties.

  2. Muslim Brotherhood ‘Rabaa’ channel launched, airing from Turkey

    The new Rabaa channel opened by hosting pro-Brotherhood Egyptian cleric Yusuf Al-Qaradawi.

    The channel’s sign is the four-finger Rabaa sign that Brotherhood and Morsi loyalists use in regular ongoing protests,-airing-.aspx


    Muslim Brotherhood “Rabaa” channel launches in Turkey

    The Brotherhood’s former channel, which aired from Egypt, was shut down after Mursi’s ouster, on charges that the station was inciting violence.

    Turkey, which welcomed the Brotherhood station’s presence in the country, has been vocal of its support of Egypt’s former Islamist president

    Relations between Egypt and Turkey deteriorated shortly after Mursi’s ouster, when Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan made the Rabaa sign and voiced his disapproval at the new military-backed government.



    video – Yusuf Al-Qaradawi on the new Rabaa channel :

  3. #2 More ‘sectarian clashes’ in another ‘cycle of violence,’ with a bullshit headline (Bangui Christian-Muslim Clashes Killed 1,000 – Amnesty) and a bullshit passive lede (At least 1,000 people were killed…). Move along, no agency to see here.

  4. Only a thousand so far and what about the cesspit of Islamic hell Sudan. Soon the dinkas Christian will all be slaughtered by another psychotic group of Islamic African savages. Nobody even mentions ethnic/religious underlying the flare up into an undeniable civil war once again started and ravaged by the islamics The American ambassador to Sudan is a graduate from a school for Down syndrome students.

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