Report: Israel gets ready for ‘short, sharp war’ against Hezbollah


TEL AVIV, Israel, Dec. 19 (UPI) — Israeli generals are preparing for a decisive — and probably brief — war against Hezbollah, one of Israel’s most implacable foes, with plans to smash the Iranian-backed Lebanese movement’s military power, a study says.

The Israelis’ primary objective will be to eradicate Hezbollah’s reputedly massive arsenal of missiles and rockets “for years to come,” the report by the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies in Tel Aviv said.


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7 Replies to “Report: Israel gets ready for ‘short, sharp war’ against Hezbollah”

  1. When faced with multiple foes take out the weakest one first.

    I hope the war will be a short decisive one but I remember the last time they fought, Hezbollah stood their ground and only withdrew when lack of ammo forced them to, they are suppose to have a much larger supply now.

  2. When faced with multiple foes take out the weakest one first.

    My father used to be beat on by a gang (white on white).

    So finally he came up with a strategy. Every time he got beat down afterwards he would look for the weakest member of the gang, corner them and beat them down. After a few times they would find an excuse to not show up. After several iterations the leader of the gang could not find anyone to join him.

    It id not matter if the leader could win in a fair fight or not. Just does not. All that matters is that the hurt enough lose enough that although they are stronger it takes them down to far.

  3. Larry’s dad was very clever. Quite a brilliant strategist in my opinion. I went to a school that was little more than a training ground for criminals when I arrived. I employed a different strategy and they seemed to learn that they needed to behave themselves.

    The continual stockpile of missiles ringing around Israel, funded by the US and the Brotherhood on one hand and the Iranians on the other is a worry.

  4. Zero Hedge has the story also.

    Which is good because some people think if the can shutdown this or that talk show host or a blog they can rule the world wit very little effort.

  5. This story smells like old fish. Or Debka-dot-com. Or something.
    So I tracked back to UPI’s source: Yaakov Lappin JINSA Visiting Fellow.

    Who’s JINSA? Looked it up: the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. It seems they’re one of many U.S.-based think-tanks. Their audience: American Jews who worry a lot & fuel their anxieties by supporting such institutions financially. Which doesn’t mean the reports are good, bad, or indifferent. It’s simply a datum.

    UPI’s wild, stomach-churning UPI headline: “Israel gets ready for ‘short, sharp war’ against Hezbollah”
    The original title: “Iran and Syria Crises May Compel Hezbollah to Act, IDF Preparing”.

    ~~~One more thing: The report was published September 18, 2012. ~~~

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