News links for Dec 20 2013 – 2

1. Former UK soldiers given 6 years in prison for torching islamist beachhead.

(I hope I live long enough to see these men released and given the commendations they deserve. Mosques are enemy beachheads, not analogues for religious centers. This has been the case since the very first one in Yathrib which consequently became ‘Medina’)

Two former soldiers have been jailed for six years each for firebombing a mosque in the aftermath of Lee Rigby’s murder.

Stuart Harness – who was once based at Woolwich Barracks – and Gavin Humphries were caught on camera throwing petrol bombs at an Islamic centre, having previously filmed themselves making the weapons on their own CCTV system.

2. Anjem Choudary, labeled here as a “Hate Preacher” is given air time on Channel 4. 

(Of course he simply speaks the facts of islam where it is convenient to the islamic agenda. It is Islam which is full of hate. Choudary is just the megaphone)

3. ‘Police ignored victims of Rochdale child sex grooming gang because they were from COUNCIL ESTATES’: Shocking report reveals failings allowed abuse to continue

Hundreds of young girls were allowed to fall into the hands of Asian grooming gangs because police and social workers may have been scared of seeming racist, an official report says.

They refused to believe that race was an issue even though dozens of young, white girls were being specifically targeted and groomed for sex by older Pakistani men.

4. BBC Article on muslim rape gangs of white children.

5. Clare Lopez: Hizb’allah a looming threat to the West.

For even as Hizballah is an Islamic terror organization, an Iranian proxy for power projection, a Transnational Criminal Organization, and a Lebanese military, political, and social domestic entity, it is above all a direct threat to U.S. national security. After all, and despite a complete media blackout on the topic that prevails to this day, on Iranian orders and working together with al-Qa’eda, Hizballah participated in the worst strike ever against the American homeland: the attacks of 9/11. There is no threshold, ideological or otherwise, that Hizballah has not already crossed or would not cross again, given a direct order from Tehran.

6. Article on the basic salesmanship of Obama and why people say he is so smart.

(This article explains a good friend of mine who is a Obama supporter, who whenever I point out some horrific and impeachable thing Obama did, tells me that Obama must know what he is doing cause he is so smart. Meaning of course that I am too stupid to understand it so I should have faith in Obama like he does)

7. Robert Spencer, Caroline Glick, and Congressman Trent Franks on The Genocidal Axis


Thank you UK Pete, Richard, ACT For Canada, M and all. More to come.

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12 Replies to “News links for Dec 20 2013 – 2”

  1. #4. You have to look no further if you want to find one of the causes of MUSLIM gangs pack-raping and prostituting NON-MUSLIM-WHITE-CHILDREN and getting away with it – than this nest of pedophiles that is the BBC. Perhaps it’s that affinity that this pimping state media outlet, the BBC has with MUSLIM I repeat MUSLIM pedophiles that makes them write an “article” like the one linked to here without even whispering the word MUSLIM. The BBC is pointedly protecting virulent, criminal and specifically MUSLIM packrapists of “merely white kuffar children”.

    As to the police they are too busy arresting “kuffars” who do not find this “culture” okay, like T. Robinson.

    PS: Vlades Blog feel free to delete this rant of mine, I just HAD to vent – just like BBC-Police-Camoron-protected muslim child rapists HAD to destroy those children.


  2. #1 Winston-we-shall-fight-them-at-the-beaches-Churchil would be persona non grata among the filth that “rules” Britannia’s waves today and the muslim edition of Hitler, Erdogan-the-mosques-are-our-casernes is being arse-kissed by those dhimmies. And again: ARRRRGHHHHH

  3. # 2 “…Islam which is full of hate. Choudary is just the megaphone)” and Chanel 4 (are they BBC?) offers a loud platform to all that is west-destroying and nasty – with preference given to islam.

  4. #1

    “(I hope I live long enough to see these men released and given the commendations they deserve. .” -December 20, 2013 by Eeyore

    stated in response to

    ” Former UK soldiers given 6 years in prison…”

    Eeyore, if you live long enough?

  5. A true smorgasbord here:

    #6: I am simply IN LORRRVE with the mind of Daniel Greenfield.

    #7: and now I am going to look at Robert Spencer and Caroline Glick whom I admire, and Trent Frank, whom I dont know but who can’t be half bad if he is in such great company.

  6. RE # 6 No surprise here, our ‘Dear Leader’ has all the sycophants, lackeys, lapdogs, and groveling apologists, mesmerized, under his spell.

  7. Rita it may be a while before we have a leadership that is truly a leadership. How many crappy kings did England have before they got Henry V? Churchill you may also know, was persona non-grata even in his own time. It wasn’t until there were no alternatives that the British decided they may as well pick a fighter since surrender didn’t work.

  8. #5 Claire Lopez is on My-Daily-Eyeball. She nails Iran’s global axis of evil dead-on. Here she refers to the findings of the investigation into the 1994 bombing of the Jewish cultural center in Buenos Aires that killed 85 people. The report connected so many dots, you could go blind.

    GoV did a summary in a 4-part series: “The Iranian Infiltration of Latin America”:

  9. Its just an expression. No serious health threats on the horizon 🙂 Thank you though. I just mean that it will likely be a while before there is any sea change back to reason and individual rights and rights to our own culture.

  10. #5 We are seeing an increase in Hezbollah numbers around the world, many of them are highly trained soldiers and not suicide bomber types, in the near future the entire world is going to pay a real big price for the US electing a Moslem supporter as President.

  11. Without a blip in the radar, “export of revolution” has become highly sophisticated. There are alarming numbers of soldiers draped in missionary vestments, and very elegantly so.

    Dawa websites in Spanish are extremely classy. Not a whisper of nastiness. Their integration of Catholic doctrine and Shia Islam is masterful. The Washington Post had an article – I may have gotten the link here – but it’s worth a look:

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