News links for Dec. 18 2013 – 2

1. Britian: Muslim population up 200%

“Nowadays jails are run mostly by Muslims … It hurts as a Muslim to have someone disrespect my religion. If we deal with him one time, with violence, and show him what time it is, he will never disrespect our religion again … For Muslims, you’d say it’s good, but for non-Muslims, it’s very, very bad.” — Jay, five-time former inmate, quoted by the BBC

The number of Muslim convicts in British prisons has surpassed the 11,000 mark for the first time, according to data included in a new report produced by the British Parliament.

2. Frank admission that muslims supported the Nazis. MEMRI TV

3. Nativity scenes at Guantanamo spark protests. Oddly, one of them by a group claiming to be for religious freedom. Perhaps because it violates muslim ‘rights’ to not have symbols of other faiths around.

4. Judge orders Obama to release foreign aid info. (I am mighty curious about this as well)

5. ‘Anti-fascist’ hacker exposes supporters of French anti-Semite comedian Dieudonné ( Story at BCF link. Video of Dieudonne below)

6. Children among 21 victims of brutal DR Congo attack

Kinshasa (AFP) – The bodies of at least 21 people have been found after a grisly attack in eastern DR Congo in which several women and children were raped, mutilated and beheaded, the UN peacekeeping mission said on Monday.

The UN mission MONUSCO said the victims, including a baby, were hacked to death in an attack of “extreme brutality” in a wave of violence in North Kivu last week.

A local civil society organisation blamed the rampage on the Muslim Ugandan rebel group ADF-Nalu, one of the oldest but least known armed organisations based in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

(It may be difficult to have faith in god. But the case for an active force for evil is getting pretty solid)

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4 Replies to “News links for Dec. 18 2013 – 2”

  1. 1/
    Phew! You had me worried then. Your headline says ‘British Muslim population up by 200%’.
    You meant the prison population.
    If it was the general population, that would be frightening!

  2. #4 People are starting to wake up to what a nightmare we are living in, as more Judges order him to obey more laws we may finally learn a lot of facts about him and his policies, facts that may force him our of office.

  3. If only we can block or even just stall all his judicial appointments. It was just luck that this Clinton- appointed judge was faithful to her oath.

  4. I don’t know of a legal way to block the appointments, however several of his Judges have already proven to have perjured themselves before the confirmation hearings and in a rational world would be kicked out of office.

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