Today’s demo to enforce sharia law in parts of England.

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Anjem C’s gang of pirates have planned a march today to force the islamic code concerning alcohol on others in a certain area of London.

Article and videos on it below. Here is a link to the whole video of which I will post a segment so you don’t have to see all the LOTR style Arabic crap at the start. I have also edited out the justifications for their push for forcing sharia, for reasons good or bad.

Below is the legal notice Choudary’s pirates are handing out to local stores. Be advised abolitionists and/or Christian or other religious fundamentalists: The machinery the muslims are creating to enforce rules you may agree with will be used to remove your rights to your own freedoms and much sooner than you think.


Another video of Choudary’s anti-freedom demo

Here is the EDL article on this issue.

The IBTimes article claims that Choudary’s protest was a flop.

This is because the IBTimes like nearly everyone else utterly misreads what it is Choudary and his fellow travelers are attempting to do. This was not about some large march to democratically show that sharia would replace common law. This was an announcement that muslims are about to begin to use force to make sure that sharia rules are enforced and those who do not obey it or operate in contradiction of it will be physically hurt.

This is about the replacement of democratic law, even in the barbaric and mob-rule sense that the IBTimes are imagining it is here. It is almost like the entire Western world has forgotten how to read. If you look at the notice they handed out, it is perfectly clear what they intend to do and the fact that there were no arrests beggars the imagination. It is pure intimidation and extortion.


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8 Replies to “Today’s demo to enforce sharia law in parts of England.”

  1. Why isn’t Anjem being charged with something over his part in the Lee Rigby killing? Christ! The killers were disciples of his. We’ve all seen the shots of them together. Does anyone doubt that it was Anjem who put the murderous ideas into the killers’ heads? Do Princes Bandar and Al Walid bin Talal have incriminating blackmail videos of David Cameron or something? Why don’t they act to protect the British People? Why do they always just “happen” to do exactly what the enemy would most want them to do? Cameron is almost as bad as Hussein himself…

  2. The Moslems are starting to push into the physical proactive stage of their conquest, now is when the Brits need to really crack down on the Moslems, they need to but the won’t because the secular people in their government can’t imagine that anyone would insist on giving up freedom for religious purposes.

    I wonder how long it will be before the free nations are smuggling weapons to the resistance movement in Britain.

  3. Do not expect any comment aid, or action from the spinless and feckless lackeys, lapdogs, and groveling apologists in the UK government, liberal political class, or academia, all of which are living in a world of denial. It’s time to turn the football hooligans loose on this parasitic vermin.

  4. Those Moslems who are intoxicated by their religion are behaving as bad as those who are intoxicated by alcohol.
    If asked to choose between religion and alcohol, I rather choose alcohol because one can choose to stop drinking but one can’t stop the madness that is perpetuated constantly by those mad religious leaders who behaved as if they are being controlled constantly by their own addiction to an ideology that is even more harmful than alcohol.

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