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14 Replies to “Arrest made in attempt to bomb Wichita airport, FBI says”

  1. Why was this news cast soooo different then any other I have seen? This guy told us he was a Jihadist!

    Wichita Kansas police should be given credit for giving us real news.

  2. #3 Just be sure all our kids get immunized.

    Kansas airport bomb attempt:
    Excuse me, but did he start by saying => NO => connection to any religion, no foreign conspiracy?
    -uh- How does that work, then? Man talks up “jihad”, zeal to become a martyr – to what? martyr for whom?
    -uh- Reveres the memory of Bin Laden, uh – what’s this all about, then?

    If this FBI sting is a set-up, than it’s illegal. Gotta let this would-be jihadi go.
    This is a piece of insanity.

  3. Yucki:

    This is why I think the problem is more government and various communist unions than it is the MSM. I suspect that there are rules, regulations and even laws that govern how jihadi attacks are to be reported. That the possibility of the loss of a broadcast license rendering a multi-million $ company worthless at the strike of a pen is a real threat. So the only way that broadcast media can tell the truth about anything is in this bizarre and looking-glass way. They tell us what we need to know while simultaneously preserving the narrative of political correctness and protecting Islam etc.

  4. It’s almost at the level of parody. ‘The 300-foot fire-breathing lizard seen here destroying Tokyo can in no way be described as a monster.’ Presumably the U.S. Attorney Kansas is cracking them up off-camera with his Frank Drebin impressions.

  5. Jihadist which means it is religious. At 2:55 he said, “no indication that the defendant was involved with or working with any religious community in Wichita. his actions does not reflect on anyone else in our community.”

    The only other way I would personally changed that sentence would be “No indication *at this time* that the defendant…” He did use, “no other arrests *at this time*

    Tell me how would you word it?

  6. How about, ‘Although this jihadist attack was plainly inspired by Islam, and we suspect other Muslims are involved, so far we haven’t connected the plot to other Muslims in Witchita.’

    But as I think you’re suggesting OxAO he should be cut a lot of slack just for having the honesty and temerity to use the j-word.

  7. yes, the J word is a small step in the right direction.

    I think you meant to say, “we don’t suspect other Muslims were involved in this attack”
    I like the first part though.

  8. I see what you mean, Eeyore. That the cancer has metastasized, more pervasive than even MUG – the Media, University, Government triad.

    And you’re certainly on to something with unions. They’ve been successfully prosecuted in connection with organized crime. They’ve had a decisive role in every war and election in U.S. for over a century. And they don’t get the critical attention they certainly should.

    Ok, just on its face. The reported accounts dribble along the edges of a muzzle, the J-word gets out. Somehow. (Screws tighten, we may get less in the future, think Norway.)

    Legally Zombie is still a victim of entrapment. But we all know he isn’t, so he cops a plea to some lessor charge, no trial, end of story.

    Then, why this highly publicized dog-&-pony show? Officers want strokes for what was clearly a superlative investigation. The public needs to know — what? That there are amorphous, unspeakable dangers everywhere, but we shouldn’t worry?

    Too many pieces are missing.

  9. I actually ran into this guy when I was in Wichita. When I first saw the news story the face looked so familiar, but I couldn’t place it at first. I was working as a consulting engineer and I had a bunch of survey gear with me, and he searched my bags.

  10. Actually this wasn’t the guy. First story I saw said he was a TSA agent, but it turns out hes an avionics tech. They have an agent out there in security that looks strikingly like him. Small relief, I guess, that at least it wasn’t a TSA agent, but the TSA is still pretty damn useless just the same.

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