Belgian convert to Islam threatens Geert Wilders and Euro landmarks

A day or so ago, articles appeared about a Belgian convert to Islam who had made the usual guns-and-tard-singing video about how islam was just terrific and how he was gonna kill people and blow stuff up. Only fragments of it were in the news and Youtube removed it as fast as they could find it.

Below, thanks to SIMONXML who translated it, and M who found it, is the whole thing.

Direct link to video here

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4 Replies to “Belgian convert to Islam threatens Geert Wilders and Euro landmarks”

  1. Just once I’d like to see someone in the Democrat Media say the word “Geert Wilders” without adding the slanderous insult, “far right wing” to his name. “Far right wing”, meaning, “Just like Adolf Hitler”. They never rest, do they. Always banging that same tired old drum over and over again, ’til they achieve the slanderous results they are always after. Lying scum, basically…

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