Weapons found in Central African mosque. Locals trash and torch.

It is wonderful to see people fighting back against islamic aggression and manifest destiny. It seems there are lots of things we can learn from Africa as well as Burma.

Thank you SIMONXML and Bear for the translation. This was a tough one I know.

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5 Replies to “Weapons found in Central African mosque. Locals trash and torch.”

  1. Well done the guys who destroyed the Erdoganian “Caserne” and also to the translators: heavily accented French, lots of confusion – I wouldn’t know which ones are the baddies and the goodies here. Lets hope that this light at the end of the tunnel is not the headlight of yet another oncoming train.

  2. The people who are actively fighting back aren’t living in politically correct nations, our internal politics prevent us from doing the same.

  3. The thing is that the moment a people starts fighting back against Islam, the Muslims immediately pretend that it is they who are being attacked and that any violence they are perpetrating is strictly defensive in nature. That’s how they can make the claim that Islam only fights to defend itself, never out of aggression. Interestingly, our media gets fooled by this tactic ten-times-out-of-ten. Real bunch of Ted Knights, they are, but oh so nice looking in their beautiful newscaster clothes and their workout-toned bodies…

  4. It’s amazing, black Africans actually acting in their own self interest, rather than killing each other in endless civil wars.
    One mosque won’t do it, they should all be destroyed, and Muslims given the choice, leave, convert or die.

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