News links for Dec 13 2013 – 3

1. Wife of Iranian pastor claims Obama admin deceived and abandoned her.

2. The fake deaf interpreter has a colorful background. 

3. Anjem Choudary calls for conquest of West

4. Police storms Al-Azhar University, arrests 10 students  

The students hurled stones at police and chanted slogans against Interior Ministry. They also set central security armored vehicle and another police one on fire, while troops fired teargas and sound bombs to disperse the protests.

5. Rights group: North Korea expanding prison camps

New housing structures, enlarged production facilities and tighter controls: Based on the analysis of satellite imagery, rights group Amnesty International claims North Korea is expanding its gulags.

6. Syrian women’s lives devastated by rape

As the Syrian conflict continues, the incidences of rape and violence against women are steadily rising. Activists are alarmed by the number of lives claimed and broken with impunity.

Thank you Shabnam, M, Fjordman. Much more to come.

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  1. Utah federal judge strikes down key part of anti-polygamy law

    No polygamous marriages yet, but polygamous family relationships no longer illegal in Utah.

    This is a significant development, since religious polygamous families do not necessarily seek civil marriage, but to live together in polygamous family relationships.

    […]It’s not polygamous marriage yet, but a foot has been placed on the slippery slope.

  2. More signs that the wanna be dictators and oligarchs are taking advantage of the weakness of the west, if they didn’t think they would have a chance to win the Moslems would be quiet and China would crackdown on North Korea.

  3. UK – Tenth man charged in Bristol child exploitation investigation

    A 10th [ Muslim ] has been charged as part of a major police investigation into child sexual exploitation in Bristol.

    Jibril Abdi Mohamed, 20, is accused of one count of trafficking a person within the UK for sexual exploitation.

    Mohamed, known as Jay Jay, appeared before Bristol Magistrates’ Court this morning and was remanded in custody until Friday, when he will appear at Bristol Crown Court.

    The charges are the latest brought by police as part of Operation Brooke, an investigation by the force’s public protection team.

    Also charged as part of the investigation are Liban Abdi, 21, known as Leftback; Mohammed Dahir, 21; Jusef Abdirizak, 19; Abdullahi Aden, 19, known as Trigger; Arafat Osman, 19, known as Left Eye; Idleh Osman, known as Sniper, 21; Said Zakaria, 21, of Seymour Road, Easton; and Gama Mohammed, 32, of Gordon Road in Whitehall, and Mohammed Jumale, 23.

  4. “Edmonton police approve hijab headscarf design for female officers ”

    The symbol of women’s oppression worn by police officers.

    Battered Housewife Syndrome become Police Neutrality.

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