News links for Dec 12 2013 – 3

1. EDL: No alcohol in Brick Lane

…Last week, a judge at the Old Bailey sentenced Jordan Horner, 19, Ricardo MacFarlane, 26, and a 23-year-old man who cannot be named for legal reasons to 68 weeks, 12 months and 24 weeks in prison respectively for terrorising a couple for walking through Bethnal Green holding hands because it was a “Muslim area”, telling a woman in Stepney that she would be punished in “hellfire” because of the way she was dressed, and attacking a group of men who were drinking in Shoreditch. The three “Muslim Patrol” members said that they were there to “enforce Sharia law” in “Allah’s land”, and shouted: “Kill the non-believers”.

2. Horrifying video of al-Qaeda deadly attack on Yemeni hospital

The muslims who attacked this particular hospital in Yemen are driven by precicely the same ideology as those who live in muslim enclaves here in our very own cities. The only questions we should ask are, when? or, ‘how do we prevent this?’

3. Footage of cruelty to Australian cattle in Gaza sparks Opposition concern over live exports

(Some of the footage is at that link but the critics have a very valid point. Animal welfare groups are not above the kind of deception the article suggests may be at work. We know that PETA funds terrorism and would lie 24/7/364 if it helped achieve their goals)

4. FBI raids Kenilworth charter school

An FBI spokesperson could only confirm that agents were at the Kenilworth Science and Technology School on Boone Avenue for a matter not related to public safety. News 2 crews saw FBI agents taking boxes of items out of the school on dollies and loading them into vans.

(This school is one of the Turkish owned and operated schools which has an agenda of islamic supremacy and manifest destiny hidden under a veneer of a STEM school)

5. Something a little encouraging. A song from the new French Resistance.

Thank you Oz-Rita for the translation

5. Benefits cheat who stole £82,000 while her husband ran £400,000-a-year tandoori restaurant is dragged screaming to cells as she is jailed

A benefits cheat, who claims she did not know her husband owned a $400,000-a-year restaurant, or that her parents owned the property she was claiming housing benefits for, was dragged screaming to jail.

Thank you M, Oz-Rita, Fjordman and everyone! More to come

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12 Replies to “News links for Dec 12 2013 – 3”

  1. Thank you for the thank-yous, Eeyore, it nice, but, in German there is a little ironic saying: “Und were küsst mich? Die Wohlfahrt?” (And who kisses me? Charity?)… in this sense: who thanks YOU, Eeyore? Time, perhaps, to say thank YOU, for your tireless work. thank you !

  2. #5 Thank-you, Rita. That sure lifts the spirits!

    #3 Not much into meat, but I love fur. Nothing could be more natural:
    “Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD G-d make coats of skins, and clothed them.” [Genesis 3:21]
    That’s all the permission I need. Nonetheless I’ve avoided wearing them when PETA-Nazis are on their periodic sprees.

  3. #2 Islam is the product of paranoia. Their members start off as victims… made to even go to the toilet correctly because they can’t be trusted to work it out for themselves… until they can face the humiliation no more and blame everyone else who is not perfect as they are. A complete mind-screw.

    And, to counterbalance this reality of seduction, the Socialists invite acceptance of State-interference into their lives,like a ‘gift’ of having a baby, until they, like Muslims who are guilty for submitting, are totally dependent, and their anger is transposed onto those who do not rely on either when their success outshines the Believer’s poverty of the Imams or Politicians knowing best.

  4. yuki said: “…Nonetheless I’ve avoided wearing them when PETA-Nazis are on their periodic sprees.”
    A very wise precaution, yuki, especially in Paris where, a couple of years ago they have started to put matches (or a lighter) onto fur coats while worn by people, in the metro.

  5. 2/ The music is obnoxious. It gives this slaughter of a week ago something of the character of a John Romer documentary about a tragic mists-of-time event in Pharaoh’s Egypt. They’re lending their own wretched present a fatalistic romanticism before the blood is even dry. No wonder they never get to grips.

  6. Romanians arrested at seven times rate of Britons: 800 held in London last month (dailymail, Dec 13, 2013)
    “Romanians are being arrested in London at seven times the rate of Britons, it was revealed yesterday.

    Around 800 people from the Eastern European state were arrested in the capital last month, according to official figures.

    Many of them are linked to a wave of cashpoint fraud which cost an estimated £40million in the first six months of this year alone.

    Police say that for every 1,000 Romanians in London, 183 are arrested. This compares to 26 Britons per 1,000.

    Police chiefs have been told to investigate the reasons behind the hugely disproportionate figures.

    They are concerned that they could rise even higher when restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians living in Britain are lifted on January 1…”

  7. Muslim Anti-Alcohol Protest in Brick Lane Flops

    Protesters demanding a ban on alcohol being sold in the curry capital of London have marched in Brick Lane.

    A group of 30 Muslims marched along the street renowned for its bars, clubs and curry houses. They were led by radical preacher Anjem Choudary who used a megaphone to accuse restaurants and shops of breaking strict Islamic law.

    The event organised by the little known Shariah Project, based in Waltham Forest, drew a small counter-demonstration by English nationalists.

  8. on MEMRI today :

    On Twitter, British Pro-Jihad Islamist Anjem Choudary – Whose Network Is Regarded As ‘Single Biggest Gateway To Terrorism’ For European Fighters in Syria – Incites To Violence And Jihad, Calls For Conquest Of West; In Tweet, He Defends Opinion Expressed By Accused Islamist During His Trial That U.K. Is ‘A Theoretic & Practical Battlefield’


    According to a December 9, 2013 report, Islamic converts Jordan Horner, 19, and Ricardo MacFarlane, 26, admitted to being part of a “Muslim Patrol,” a group of vigilantes opposing Western culture on the streets of London’s East End, and were sent to prison for harassing, threatening, and assaulting a number of people. Choudary said that the men regularly attended his lectures, that “they didn’t do anything wrong” and that what they did was “commendable.” He added, “I don’t condemn them at all. They are upstanding, upright members of the Muslim community. Their character is immaculate, they are fantastic individuals.”[9]

    Following the incident, he tweeted, referring to one of the defendants: “Mujahid adopts the Islamic opinion that there is no covenant of security in the UK [i.e. between the mujahideen and the U.K.] & hence considers it [i.e. the U.K.] a theoretic & practical battlefield”; “From Mujahid’s own words its clear that UK foreign policy is what motivated him to do what he did & the view of Al-Qaeda on the covenant etc”; and “Mujahid in court yesterday said: 1. He was never a member of Al-Muhajiroun 2. He disagrees with me on the covenant of Security in the UK [i.e. between Islam and the U.K.].” He also tweeted a link to the report on the trial, which quoted him.

    more on the page :

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