Conspiracy theorists.

(This is a fully off topic post. Please feel free to ignore it. I am writing this for my own personal satisfaction because it is an issue that is a mild irritant to me personally)

At the bottom of this post is a rather excellent short video debunking the moon-landing debunkers. I know a couple of these guys and one is even a friend. But this issue I think is bigger than just what happened in 1969 or if the US lied to us and even the interesting and debatable reasons given by the film maker as to why he thinks people try and discredit the landing.

The reason I find the story important is because in 1969 the USA (with Nixon as president at the time just BTW) gave the world something of a magic moment. Possibly the most unifying event in the history of all mankind and very likely the only unifying event.

The entire world watched as the US placed living men on the moon itself. Something which was widely held to be a total and permanent impossibility by the general public a few years earlier than that and by many pundits and scientists as well.

Grown men wept at the site and again when the men who walked on the moon came home and received parades. Grown men including large Irish NYC cops if P.J. O’Rourque is to be believed.

This was a moment when the entire world felt as one people thanks to the extra planetary perspective the US gave us all, and then magnanimously claimed it was a global achievement. A truth only in as much as in order to accomplish something this massive you need a thousand unskilled uneducated people sewing jeans in Pakistan for every paper pusher in NASA. Probably closer to 100,000 truth be estimated. But a global accomplishment nonetheless.

My guess as to why people need to believe that the moon landing was faked also slightly differs from the film makers below. I think its because people who feel no sense of personal power in life often resort to conspiracy theories, and this often includes irrational antisemitism as well as anti-Israel views (where those views are applied uniquely to Israel) in order to gain a sense of personal importance. ‘I know something you do not and if you do not listen to me it is because they are paying you off or you are brainwashed etc’. (Yes this can be said also of the counter jihad and ‘Islamophobia’. However the body of evidence speaks for itself in that case)

But I resent this meme because I think those that propagate it are attempting to rob humanity of what was truly its finest moment. This was a fever that gripped the entire world and somehow we have allowed the fever of post modern cynicism to delete that from the collective memory. It was what every school child spoke about for class and the subject of every dinner table conversation. It was uniting in a way that was formerly unimaginable. For even the tiniest glimpse of what this was like, watch the most excellent Australian film, ‘The Dish’ which warmly tells the story of the Australian contribution to this herculean effort.

Those who would replace joy, the genuine unity of global accomplishment, pride in the human race and collective ‘Star-Trekian’ hope for the future with bitter and selfish debasement of that accomplishment are robbing us all of something more precious than one can realize. Especially if you had not yet been born and the damage was already done.

Thank you GoV for hipping me to this video.

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  1. nah…it was faked….he don’t know nuthin….i actually had a friend whose cousin was married to a woman whose brothers best friend knew someone personally who worked on the shoot….said it was fake, but that the craft services table was really good!!! if it was real., neil armstrong would have a talk show….

  2. Armstrong would have a talk show if he didn’t blow the one line he had when he got off the LEM. He was supposed to say, “This is a small step for a man, and a giant leap for mankind. A passably good line but by forgetting to say A MAN and just saying “small step for ma” it made no sense whatsoever.

    Can’t let a guy like that loose in a TV studio. Certainly not live.

    Which is another excellent proof that the landing wasn’t faked. If it was, he would have re taken it till he got his line right.

  3. no it was shot live…that is the fatal flaw of the debunker…..and why so few people were needed to be killed after the shoot….

  4. An enjoyable Standup comedy routine – hope the NSA cheque was good!
    The ‘real message’ ?did? get heard – flags REALLY can wave in a vacuum – he he he!
    And we did learn that the moon is not made of green cheese – but we still do not know if there is a man on the moon.

  5. Dear Eeyore, becoming a conspiracy theorist has nothing to do with feelings of inadequacy, malcontent, having a small penis, jealousy, jew hatred, naziism, cultism, fear, hatred, or any other emotion. Believe me, it would be a lot simpler and clear cut if we took everything the media, the politicians tell us as gospel, but, once you realise the extent to which the media lies and propagandises us you question everything, and any time you see someone question anything you at least look at what they are saying. In most cases the conspiracy theorists seem to be RIGHT.
    in the case of the moon landing, if you watch any of the the conspiracy arguments they bring out some quite valid points.
    911, for instance is an obviously put up job. Look at how they have lied and lied, and are still lying about climate change, and continue lie, even when caught out, even when evidence directly contradicts what they are saying. A monstrous global conspiracy and fraud, costing billions of pounds, giving the U.N. and other non democratic organizations unprecedented power over the lives, behaviour, and future of just about everyone on the planet.
    So, if some of us choose to go through with a fine toothcomb everything media and governments have ever told us, who can blame us ? and if conspiracy theorists pit up valid arguments against the establishment narrative who can blame us for not trusting a word the media/government say ?
    THIS is how a civilization disintegrates.The people don’t trust the government,, no matter what it says. In turn the government don’t trust the people, that is what all the spying is about. Because they know they are being dishonest, and can’t defend their position they fear the people and will eventually resort to force.
    So forgive us if we can’t return to that cosy world of 1969, when we really did believe that America came in peace for all mankind, when the majority of us thought that the U.S., despite it’s brashness, clumsiness DID try to be a force for good in the world. To a time when we REALLY believed that we (the west) were the ‘good guys’ in the world. NOTHING would be more comforting, more reassuring for us.
    BUT the scales have fallen from our eyes, the trust is gone, Pandora’s box has been opened, and all that is left is hope

  6. Given the currency of moon hoax ‘theory’ among Homo Arabiensis, I would say the post isn’t off topic at all. Certainly speculation why Arabs glom onto this (and every other conspiracy going) is relevant because it speaks to Arab psychological and societal dysfunction.

    I once sat in auditorium full of Muslim Arab medical students from all over the Arab world (including Arab-Canada and Arab-America) for a first-rate talk on rocketry by an engineer from NASA. In the Q&A at the end of the lecture, the audience of future MDs was interested only in telling the speaker why the moon landings were faked. He handled their idiotic ideas with great patience and tact, convincing none of them of course that they were wrong.

    These were bright guys by most measures. But I’m certain they would be no more persuaded by the filmmaker in this video than they were by the NASA engineer. They were impervious to technical arguments. Feelings of Arab disempowerment and distrust of government are both surely sources of this lunar lunacy. To these might be added a deep-seated abhorrence of the possibility that kafirs invaded and polluted the world of their moon-god, planting their dar-al-harb flags and walking all over the sacred surface without removing their infidel shoes.

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