UK: Documents reveal British banned Geller and Spencer because of their ‘pro-Israeli views’

Now this is interesting.

Daily Caller:


We do have concerns with some of the reasoning in the sub, particularly citing pro-Israeli views and. [sic] Pro-Israeli views (and also support for waterboarding) apply to a large number of Americans, including former Presidents. If, for instance, Geller and Spencer were to request details of their exclusion under FOI/DPA or other mechanism, that being pro-Israeli is cited as a reason may be problematic and they could argue publically that their exclusion is on the basis of their support for Israel.



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  4. Geller and Spenser got banned because they are seen by leftists and Muslims as being “Islamophobic”. The bottom line is that the British Government probably anticipated crowds of rioting Muslims and decided to avoid all that by simply banning the speakers.

    So, if you want to take over a country, simply plant enough of your own people in that country who will pretend to be offended and will riot at the drop of a hat, then the police will make it illegal to do anything that might trigger that, and voila, you’re calling the shots. Why can’t the authorities see through such an obvious gambit?

  5. All good points mr Grant.

    One horrid aspect of America to UK migration and travel is that cousin cultures, or parent and child cultures have been sundered. It’s very hard today for a Yank to get a work visa in the UK. This is the real travesty. We bar working class Yanks as a matter of everyday policy and invite in monkeys.
    Who wrote these laws? Who sundered the bloodlines?

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