News links for Dec. 2 2013 – 3

1. Nigeria crisis: Boko Haram attack Maiduguri airbase

No traffic is visible on Kashim Ibrahim Way in the heart of Maiduguri on 02/12/2013 Main roads in Maiduguri were deserted on Monday in the wake of the attack
Boko Haram insurgents have attacked a military airbase in north-eastern Nigeria, destroying two helicopters, the authorities say.

2. France gets permission to exhume murdered monks

           FRANCE 24 has learned that the Algerian government has given a French judge the go-ahead to exhume the decapitated heads of a group of French monks who were killed in Algeria in 1996.

The mystery surrounding the death of seven French monks, murdered and decapitated in Algeria in 1996, may be closer to being solved thanks to the efforts of a French judge.

(When this sort of thing happened in past centuries it was recorded for posterity and educated people became aware of it. This story, which happened as recently as 1996, will probably not even make it to a ‘movie of the week’ due to fears of inflaming the feelings of the group that actually did it. Check the video at the link)

3. Ali Hammad, former Al Qaeda warrior in Bosnia: We were torturing Serbs in concentrattion camps, hammered them alive, drove rusty nails through their genitals 

4. Burma to Act Against Defamatory Banner After OIC Protests

RANGOON — Burma’s government says it will take action against Buddhist protesters who allegedly carried a banner insulting Islam during a demonstration against a visiting delegation of global Islamic leaders last month.

The state-run New Light of Myanmar newspaper reported that protesters in Rangoon’s Bahan Township received permission to demonstrate against the delegation from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), but not to hold the banner, which the newspaper described as “assaulting faith.”[…]

The biggest anti-OIC demonstrations were in west Burma, but in Rangoon about 1,000 protesters, mostly Buddhist monks, also marched from Shwedagon Pagoda to Sule Pagoda. In Bahan Township, some Buddhists monks allegedly held a banner saying, “Oppose Islam, as it is similar to animalism, with uncontrollable birth rates.”

The banner used a derogatory Burmese word, ta yeik san warda, which is used to describe animals.

5. Female Saudi activists arrested for driving

Two female activists were arrested and detained in Saudi Arabia on Friday after being caught behind the wheel in Riyadh.

Aziza Al-Yousef, who was driving the car, and her passenger, Eman Al-Nafjan, said they were detained at a police station in the capital until being released into the custody of their respective husbands, who were asked to sign a statement pledging their wives would not drive again, CNN reported.

(I would almost understand if they were arrested for parking. But seriously, the real insult is that it was the husbands who had to sign an agreement and held responsible. Because women in Saudi Arabia clearly are not thought to have agency, and therefore cannot be held to an agreement.)

Thank you Fjordman, M, Wrath of Khan and all who sent in material. So much islamic horror. So little time.


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5 Replies to “News links for Dec. 2 2013 – 3”

  1. 2. bit of a side note: From Wikipedia When France owned Algeria from 1830 to the turn of the last century:

    “By French law Muslims could not hold public meetings, carry firearms, or leave their homes or villages without permission. Legally, they were French subjects, but to become French citizens, with full rights, they had to renounce Islamic law. Few did so( My opinion: who cares.) The land of Islamic charitable trusts (habus) was regarded as government property and confiscated. ”

  2. 4/ ‘This is defamation of religion,’ bleats Chris Lewa of the UK-based Arakan Project.

    Professional meddler Chris Lewa has been profiting from the Plight of the Rohingya for a long time, 13+ years working with ‘Thailand-based NGOs.’ Here she is in the UK serving as an ‘independent expert’ for asylum seekers, here as a consultant with Amnesty International, Refugees International, UNHCR, here writing for CNN or doing an interview for Radio Australia. Here saving Rohingya in Cambodia. (Rohingya in Cambodia?) Now jetting to Geneva, then on to Washington to brief the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (‘they have only their Muslim faith to turn to for spiritual support’), then back to the branch office in Geneva. On to Singapore. Or if she happened to be in Bangkok she could have taken the train. It’s a nice trip, especially on someone else’s dime. All very glamorous. I hope the OIC is chipping in for the Project’s help in enforcing Islamic blasphemy laws.

  3. Burmese officials didn’t quite back down, Richard. Just a clever gesture, read this again:

    “We condemn the use of this word,” he said. “There were people who wanted to make us look bad by using this poster. We found other posters, but we seized them at the event. We tried our best to stop it. This was our mistake—we could not check all of them. I had a duty to check them.”
    He said the government also had a responsibility to prohibit defamatory banners.
    “But I do not feel that the word was very insulting to Islam,” he added. “And I want to ask one question to Muslims: How can we solve the problem of Muslims raping our Arakanese [Buddhist] women and burning the houses of our people?”

    You know, it’s so slight, such a casual put-down to the overblown victim rhetoric, it was more of an insult than an apology. Very classy.

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