Oslo Police: We have lost the city.

Original translation by Carpe Diem

From P I News:

A devastating CBN report shows that Oslo is already firmly in control of Muslim invaders. In many parts of the city the Sharia already applies as the only law. That’s where the local Imams reign. Recent police statistics reveal that 100% of all rapes in Oslo are committed by non-Western immigrants and 90% of the victims are Norwegian women, victims that are even declared to offenders – more precisely “racists”- by left-wing scum bags.

(by L.S.Gabriel)

You do not see many straw-blond women in Oslo these days. Many Norwegians dye their hair dark to not be immediately recognised as a blonde woman. A weak protection against the Muslim rapist gangs, but at least it gives them a little security -somehow-, since police can hardly protect them. In contrary, the victim of a rape had been told by the police that everyone has the right to security. Unfortunately police can no longer guarantee. “We have lost the city,” they said.

Tetouani Fatima, who is an immigrant herself, says that parts of Oslo were already more Islamic than Morocco.

The therapist Kristin Spitznogle was sharply criticized because she uttered what can clearly be seen and proven by statistics: Muslim men are raping non-Muslim women. Any woman, not dressed compliant to the Quran and not circumcised, is a whore to Muslims and may be raped.

Walid al-Kubaisi, a Norwegian journalist, is a native Iraqi and Muslim. He sees the problem and is sure that there will be a violent clash of cultures. “No-one spells out that we have a huge problem and bleak future prospects,” he says.

Only a few months ago, terrorist group Ansar al-Sunna has threatened with terrorist attacks in an open letter and explains:

“We do not want to be part of the Norwegian society. We do not want to live with filthy creatures like you. ”

They call for an Islamic state where the Sharia is law, although less than 10% of the Norwegian population are Muslims. How will things be when they reach 20 percent or more?

(translation: Carpe Diem)

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11 Replies to “Oslo Police: We have lost the city.”

  1. The city is lost only if they don’t fight back,vigrious enforcement of all laws and deportation of massive numbers of offenders will reclaim the city, surrender will just make things worse.

  2. I have now read and seen countless clips of Muslim violence against the indigenous natives of Europe. Meanwhile, the politicians import more and more 3rd worlders unable to assimilate to their countries. All the while beating down the native population with charges of racism and bigotry. People’s lives are disrupted, women are having to dye their hair, children are threatened. Rape is epidemic.
    Anyone that speaks out against this is slapped down hard by the prevailing powers.
    What is the end game for the power elite? Do they really think they can rule over a sharia society?

  3. @Babs

    I wish I knew… It just doesn’t make any sense, I know… Maybe it’s all about real estate prices. That’s certainly the case here in Vancouver. Endless massive immigration keeps those who own property extremely rich around here. Who knows…? Is that what this is all about? Think about it. If they stopped the mass immigration, every rich person in the West would take a huge financial hit, wouldn’t they? It wouldn’t be the first time that the needs of the wealthy outweighed the needs of the many…

  4. The only reason to keep filling up English towns with the third world is Ramp Up House Prices.

    This makes no sense in Norway though.

  5. If this was a university, everyone filmed causing a disturbance should be expelled.
    If it was not, whatever happened to the crime of ‘inciting to riot’? Don’t they have riot laws any more?

  6. I dont think they say they lost the city because the Muslims already won.

    They say they lost the city because they just had their Wile E. Coyote moment and realized that under the current set of rules Norwegians can not possibly win, ever.

    But just as Muslims would not give up their religion, Islam, in order to win, so Norwegians would rather proudly go down than giving up their new post-christian religion, Neo-Marxism.

    I mean, even Norway’s so called “right” is leftist. Just a few weeks ago, the new “right” goverment, instead of solving the country’s more urgent problems (like losing Oslo), introduced a law to combat global warming: On every “Meatless Monday”, Norways soldiers will only be served vegetarian food.

    So in the foreseeable future there will be no rule change, and without the rule change they cant win, and the only group which can win under the current set of rules just demonstrated that they operate so effectively, that they need only a tiny percentage of population to get an area under their control. They are operating like a military unit.

    Westerners are under the illusion that since they separated church and state and are leaving the church in droves, that everybody else is doing it too. But they are wrong, and this error will kill them off.

    Even being non-religious myself any more, I realized what religion is good for: It is a signaling mechanism uniting people and making them sacrifice for a common cause. It makes groups win wars with other groups. Now, if your last war was 70 years ago, secure borders and no enemy to fear, you might get the idea that religion thingy is kind of embarassing and that you should make it slowly fade away. And so they did that. And then they slowly phased out nationalism. And then in the moment they were the most peaceful, most happy, most gentle, most welcoming and most tolerant, opened the gates to a world that was anything but.

  7. The fact is that these European governments have failed their citizens miserably, to the point of treason. The primary duty of a government is the safety and security of the citizens and the state.That is why in the USA the liberal establishment is working very hard to disarm us. In most US states (except the few ultra liberal ones) where responsible citizens can obtain concealed carry permits there is a lot less violent crime , due to the fact that the perpetrators of these crimes hesitate to act in fear of the potential victim rightfully defending themselves, giving them a ‘lead shower’. BTW there is nothing in the US Constitution providing police protection, the police are not obligated to protect any individual person.

  8. When the police in Norway, Sweden, France announce they can no longer protect Jewish children from rabid anti-semitic violence in schools or on the street, the country is cooked.

    Whether or not they choose to call anti-semitism “anti-Zionism” or “anti-Israel”, or even “pro-pal-of-Palestine” doesn’t matter. Jewish communities are canaries in a coal-mine: Jews go down, others will follow suit.

    Norway has become so blatant, so crude, no one even misses the absence of birdsong.

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