News links for Nov 23 2013 – 2

1. The oppression of Emma West : the politically correct end game plays out

2. Pakistanis in UK fuelling corruption, says law chief: Attorney General warns politicians to ‘wake up’ to the threat posed by minority communities

3. Sweden: Agency backs halal meat in school lunch spat

The Swedish schools agency has ruled that serving of halal meat in schools does not break the law in response to complaints from parents who argued the practice breaches the non-denominational praxis of the Swedish education system.

4. Video on the diplomatic distancing between Cairo and Ankara

5. Egypt detains US citizen, 38 others for torching tram


Egypt has detained 39 people, including a US citizen, accused of torching a tram during a protest against the overthrow of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, judicial sources said Saturday.

The accused, who were placed in 15-day preventive detention, were members of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood movement, the sources said, adding that they were also accused of rioting and attacking policemen on Friday during protests in Cairo.

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  1. Martin, great! They’re complaining about the fabulously successful strike Wrath-of-Khan linked 11/21/13 at 11:05 am.
    A “surgical strike”. Perhaps they prefer carpet bombing.

  2. There should be some public service announcement so even the stupidest little piece of white trash can avoid this sort of thing.

    My goodness!

  3. EGYPT =Murder and Rape Attempt of 5-Year-Old Egyptian Girl Raises Public Anger

    Egypt woke up to the shocking murder and attempted rape of 5-year-old Zeina Arafa. In a nation boiling with political unrest, social and religious oppression, the murder and rape attempt of the 5-year-old girl from Port Said, one of the most important Egyptian cities, created mainstream rage and raised public awareness for the dangers that Egyptian children, and females in particular, are facing in the streets.

    On Thursday, November 14, police investigations uncovered the mystery behind the death of 5-year-old Zeina Arafa who reached Al Solomon Hospital in Port Said with multiple injuries and massive bone fractures. Arafa died as soon as she reached the hospital. The coroner’s report indicated signs of sexual assault as well as bone and spinal cord fractures, severed brachial arteries, hemorrhage and shock due to free fall.

    Despite initial reports attributing Arafa’s death to accidental slipping from the roof of the building, further investigations proved the involvement of two teenage males who lived with Arafa in the same building in her murder. The two males: Alaa A.A. (the doorman of the building, 18) and Mahmoud M.K. (another resident in the building, 17) lured the little girl from where she was playing out in the street. The defendants attempted to rape her and when she tried to scream, they panicked and threw her off the roof of the building. The defendants are sent to 15 days of prison pending investigations on charges of murder and attempted rape of a child under 13.

    The accident is not the first of its kind but with the rising sexual tension and the widespread blessing of Muslim child marriages which is actually euphemism for pedophilia, fear for women and children’s safety is getting stronger. Around 17 percent of Egyptian women between 20 and 24 admit to having been married before the age of 18, many even before the age of 15. Sexual tension and violence has risen to the extreme in Egypt’s main cities as well as the rural parts.

  4. #1

    What if ten-million Germans suddenly appeared in downtown Tokyo and started asking for directions to the nearest welfare office as they talked about building a giant oompah beer garden right next to the Imperial Palace? And what if, when the Japanese people said, “You’re not Japanese – what are you doing here?”, the Germans replied, “We are Japanese. It says so on this piece of paper – see? I suppose you think that being “Japanese” means having black hair and slanted eyes and speaking Japanese and being really good with chopsticks. Racist!!! I’m just as Japanese as you are, and I hate rice and I don’t eat raw fish and I wear my shoes indoors and I don’t bow to anybody – capiche?” I wonder how the Japanese People would feel…

  5. Chris-
    They have _really_ good swords & many people know how to use them. Might never be reported, “Just street-cleaning, nothing here to see.”

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