News links for Nov 23 2013 – 1

1. Egypt expels Turkish ambassador amid rising tensions 

           Egypt on Saturday ordered Turkey’s ambassador to Cairo to leave, accusing Ankara of meddling in its affairs after criticising the Egyptian regime’s crackdown on Islamists. Turkey has vowed to reciprocate.

BBC link:

The foreign ministry also barred Egypt’s ambassador to Turkey, declaring him “persona non grata”.

The latest deterioration in relations comes a day after Mr Erdogan called for the release of Mr Morsi…”

(Western nations take note. Egypt understands the severity and scope of the islam problem and therefore, is willing to do what needs doing about it. Observe closely please)

2. Australian Woman’s monthly Magazine: Bashed in broad daylight

(Equally significant is the publication, which is highly sanitized and apolitical I am told)

3. Corruption problem among some UK minorities, says MP

Attorney General Dominic Grieve has said politicians need to “wake up” to the problem of corruption in some minority communities.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Mr Grieve said he was referring mainly to “the Pakistani community”.

4. China creates air defence zone over Japan-controlled islands

(Sometimes I get the feeling that WW3 = WW1 + WW2)

5. Malaysia: Columnist accuses Muslim group of defamation for saying she supports the freedom to leave Islam

“The leaflets also slammed Comango for calling for the freedom to renounce Islam; the protection of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) rights; the removal of Malay privileges; the freedom to embrace Syiah [Sharia] teachings; and the right for Catholics to refer to God as ‘Allah’, among others.”

6. Sunni clerics close down sect’s mosques in Baghdad to protest attacks

BAGHDAD – Iraqi Sunni religious leaders said Saturday that they have decided to close down the sect’s mosques in Baghdad indefinitely to protest attacks targeting clerics and worshippers, highlighting the country’s deepening sectarian rift.

(Seems terrorism works even on them that uses it)


Thank you Fjordman, Wrath of Khan,  and everyone who sent in material.

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  1. Turkey fires back, expels Egyptian ambassador

    Turkey asks the Egyptian ambassador to leave Saturday following Egypt’s prior expulsion of the Turkish ambassador

    Turkey’s foreign ministry expelled its Egyptian ambassador on Saturday afternoon following Egypt’s expulsion of the Turkish representative earlier in the day.

    Egypt asked the Cairo-based Turkish ambassador to leave and recalled its envoy from Ankara in protest over continuous statements by Islamist PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan critising the interim government in Cairo.

    Egyptian authorities also stated that diplomatic ties with Turkey will be downgraded, replacing ambassadors with a charge d’affairs.

    The move comes after months of tension between Cairo and Ankara over the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.,-expels-Egyptian-ambass.aspx

  2. Egypt detains US citizen, 38 others for torching tram

    Egypt has detained 39 people, including a US citizen, accused of torching a tram during a protest against the overthrow of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, judicial sources said Saturday.

    The accused, who were placed in 15-day preventive detention, were members of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood movement, the sources said, adding that they were also accused of rioting and attacking policemen on Friday during protests in Cairo

    Sources said Saturday that one of the detainees had a US passport, but it was unclear if he held other citizenship.

    On Friday, a young boy and a man were killed as supporters and opponents of Morsi clashed in several parts of Egypt, including in Cairo, officials said.

    The confrontations came as pro-Morsi groups called for a week of anti-military protests under the slogan “Massacre of the Century”,–others-for-torching-tra.aspx

  3. #4 WWIII will be a retake of WWl & WWll with more players added, also some people will change sides, it is our turn to have Italy as an ally and this time Japan and China will switch sides. I am not sure which other nations will join in or change sides but a lot will and in all probability some nations will split into several nations while others are absorbed into neighbors they are fighting. Also it is still up in the air which side German and Russia will be fighting on.

  4. VIDEO – Sheikh Yasser al Habib’s response to MEMRI TV – ENG SUBS

    The Zionist run Media station known as ‘Memri TV’ manipulated a clip and took one of Sheikh al-habib’s statements out of context; the full context and unedited clip has been subtitled for those to see the deception of the ZIONISTS.

    The office of Sheikh Yassir al-Habib kindly requests you to review the clip on its entirety. The office of the Sheikh would like to draw your attention to the following:

    1- That Sheikh Yassir al-Habib stressed in the video that he did not agree with the literal outward meaning of the text.
    2- That he underlined that the interpretation of the text is projected only on “Nawasib”, i.e. enemies of the Household of the Prophet of Islam.
    3- That his words do not refer to or include the general public of the “sunnis”.
    4- That the term “non- Shia” inserted in the narration was clarified, decoded and taken to mean exclusively “enemies of the Ahlu Al Bayet- Household of the Prophet of Islam” first and foremost.
    5- That the term was projected and referred specifically to personalities like Omer bin Al Khatab and Aisha in particular.

    The term in present time can be projected to refer to personalities like Osama bin Laden, Mulla Omer- Head of Taliban, Abu Musa’ab Al Zarqawi and Abu Mohammed Al Jolani- head of Al Nusra Front. It is therefore restricted to those who are renowned enemies of the Household of the Prophet and their followers.

    Overall in Islam there is a mandatory belief that evil effects and tendencies do reside within the Self and those evil stances could have metaphysical or unseen origins and predispositions.

  5. Yucki as with all Islamic nations Turkey is our friend and ally only when it keeps them from danger or furthers the cause of Islam, I would rather trust Russia or China then Turkey.

    PS I don’t trust Russia or China to do anything but stab us in the back when it is in their best interest, and I trust Turkey less.

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