News links for Nov 23 2013 – 3

1. Moscow Mayor Thinks Mosques Attract Illegal Migration

 Moscow is banning the construction of new mosques, the latest sign of the growing anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiment in Russia.

The four existing mosques in Russia’s largest city are overcrowded during the Muslim holidays. But Mayor Sergei Sobyanin declared this week that new ones will not be built because they are used by migrant workers, according to the Christian Science Monitor. He claimed that between 60 and 70 percent of Muslim worshipers are migrants.

2. Jihadis capture oil field in Syria:

3. Thirteen home-made knives found hidden under prison PRAYER MATS following Muslim gang war

(And they riot if an ‘unbeliever’ touches a koran)

4.  Mother-of-four ‘stabbed to death by her husband who then walked into police station to report her killing’



5b. BBC quickly does an about face and tries to hide non-PC facts

6. Qataris wanted photos of Greek statues, churches and cathedrals removed from textbooks in French school

7. CNN continues to report the race-hate attacks of black gangs on white people and Jews as if it is a game played by under-employed teens in desperate need of a new community center. Imagine if they did stories about slavery that way.

“A gang of bored kids in Mobile Alabama today, rounded up some of their fellow students and forced them to work in the cotton fields for 30 years in what many describe as a game played by teens across America. It is a complete mystery as to why they are doing this. People interviewed claim it’s a game to see who can produce the most cotton for the lowest cost”

Thank you Yucki, M, George I, and many more. I will continue on the post above. There is lots more.

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2 Replies to “News links for Nov 23 2013 – 3”

  1. When normalised to the number of Muslims in the UK, Muslims are at least three times as likely to
    be in prison then any other group.

    All said and done, Muslims, and in the UK, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis in the main, are more likely to have criminal tendencies then any other group.

    Yet, the the government is back peddling, when the figures are quite clear.

  2. #7 The MSM is refusing to admit that these attacks are growing in number and are probably the opening rounds of a race war against the non blacks.

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