The nice muslim man next door.

This story was sent to Vlad by someone who actually knew this man personally and was horrified to discover that his acquaintance was capable of being this seemingly nice person for some time and then revert to what you see in this video. There is a lesson here and one that is nearly illegal to say. That lesson is, ideology does motivate people’s behavior and islam is an ideology of violent, savage, hate filled supremacy and manifest destiny. This is what we can expect from its followers in direct proportion to the extent that people are adherent to that ideology.

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  1. The (bitter) irony is that now the formerly “civilised” West is providing cannon fodder for islam. I am not unhappy about this, and only wish that “they” all go “over there” being successful in finding their 72 raisins.

    And, it may be simplistic on my part, but imo we ARE in WW3 now: Each of the so-called “great” wars brought new – and until then unknown weaponry – but at least our forefathers seemed to at least TRY fight evil – even though belatedly sometimes.

    This time, ignorance is no defence for our political “leaders” – they KNOW the enemy (islam), they know their methods (immigration>takja>birth-jihad>killer-jihad), they know their weaponry (muslims), yet the Obamas, the Cam0rons, the Hollandes etc, side with the dark side.

    Can Cowardice alone explain this?

  2. …”this is what I was taught, it WAS’NT taught to me islam is Peace and NO FIGHTING, it is Peace but REQUIRES FIGHTING”,….am I missing mething here,??? just how fucked-up can you get.???

  3. — Hope the question isn’t rhetorical, because I don’t have my tin-foil hat.
    It’s a ConSpiracy! There are always useful idiots, but trends tell – eventually.

    — The gentleman who did the intro video for Diana West on GoV yesterday used a lovely term I intend to steal: “Evans’ Law of Inadequate Paranoia”.

    — We’re in the prelude to full-fledged WWIII. Unless & until one of our core allies attacks or is attacked, we are observers/ facilitators. “Core allies” is a tad subjective, but so is the definition of “war” vs “skirmish” vs “police action” etc.

  4. Sorry Chris, I was answering Rita above.

    In answer to your last question, Chris, “just how…?”, I’d say: almost infinitely.

  5. “Peace-keeping exercise” is another pre-/proto-/mendacious “Oh call it not war” evasion.

    Then they’ll call Islam, The “Peace-Keeping” Religion.

  6. We are indeed in the opening stages of WWIII, in many ways we are nearing the end of the beginning and it will be many years and a lot of blood before the war is ended, in my opinion we will probably be fighting this war for most in not all of the 20th Century, a war that started in 1978 when Carter has screwed up the US military we couldn’t do anything when the Iranians seized our embassy. I have no doubt that the US and Western Europe will survive the war as independent nations, what I don’t know is if civilization will survive or if freedom will survive.

    I also know that during this war science will change immensely look at the nanite revolution and the 3D printing that is just beginning, they will be fully developed in a few years of war.

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