News links for Nov 21 2013 – 2

1. Three ‘deeply traumatised’ women rescued from London house had been held as slaves for THIRTY YEARS: One victim, 30, may have been born in captivity

(Not that long ago, the British government went to war to stop slavery. Now they probably resent and occasionally silence the media that exposes it right in the heart of England)

2. Erdogan’s comment on Cyprus irks Athens

3. Bolton Council apologises after pork product is served to Muslim youngsters in school dessert

Bolton Council’s school meals service which provides dinners to many of the borough’s school is now working closely with Bolton Council of Mosques and an investigation is under way.

The incident only involved Gaskell Community Primary School in Thomas Holden Street, Bolton, and as soon as the ingredient — pork gelatine — was spotted, the dessert was withdrawn.

(Why did they pull the desert? Why not just tell people it contains pork. Eat it or don’t. But why pull it from everyone?)

4. But can you send it back in time? (If this company has any imagination they should hire someone named Sarah Connors to do the product launch)

5. Swedish Jew applies for asylum – in Sweden

One of them is Annika Hernroth-Rothstein. She goes as far as saying that Jews in Sweden are being “persecuted” and so she has decided to file for asylum – in Sweden.

Hernroth-Rothstein told Radio Sweden: “Our basic human rights aren’t being respected. My government is not living up to the promise it has made to its citizens.”

6. Egyptian troops killed in Sinai suicide attack    

 Eleven Egyptian troops were killed and 34 others were injured on Wednesday after a suicide bomber drove a car packed with explosives into an army convoy in the Sinai peninsula, security officials said.

7.French farmers told to end protest after death

8. Schoolgirls in Finland forced abroad for arranged marriages

9. Oldest human genome reveals roots of first Americans

10. FBI scrambles to find Iraqi terrorists living off U.S. welfare

Thank you Fjordman and everyone who sent in material. The day is still young.


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  1. 9/ So the Clovis invaders are European too. This should stir a little confusion in those who map Good and Evil onto Noble Savage and Iniquitous European with only token bleeding across the neat line. But it probably won’t register.

  2. #2 In the 1950s Turkey took advanatge of the Cold War to invade and conquer half of Cyprus now they are moving to take the rest.

    #4 We are living in the age when SF comes to life.

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