News links for Nov 21 2013 – 1

1. Toronto muslim community leader offers bail for terror suspect.

(Read this one carefully. There is a hint of a little deception at work here. How can a person know a man “very well” and not know he has a child of a certain name? Comments are good though)

2. First gay marriage, then polygamy and then…

(Once you decide the definition of marriage is subjective then this was inevitable. Fine if you want to deconstruct Western civilization. But so many chided and derided those who predicted this would follow)

3. Pogroms In Pakistan – The Cultural Cleansing of Christians in Pakistan

4. Straightening out the record on the Norwegian cross bearing TV woman. It wasn’t muslims.

(I saw on multiple sites that it was muslims who forced this issue. Typically when things like that do happen, the media doesn’t report it as such exactly. So I checked it out and asked Fjordman to look into it as well, and it would appear that it was atheists and leftists who probably forced the station to have her remove the cross. For once, it actually wasn’t muslims.)

5. Islamic Justice: Muslim Lives Superior to Infidel Lives

6. Breakthrough in fight to overcome the deadliest cancers: Scientists find way to shut off gene that causes third of all tumours

(It’s amazing what those sons of apes and pigs can do when allowed to)

7. Ex-UKIP leader Lord Pearson warns of Islamist threat

Such people “hate us with frightening religious fervour”, he said during a parliamentary debate on Islam.

Sharia law was “running de facto in our land” and calls for violence were not simply coming from a “few extremists”.

8. You know, for such a misogynistic cult, Islam does do a few major tributes to the human female physiology. This just-finished building in Qatar for example. 

Thank you Grace, Bear, Fjordman and everyone.

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14 Replies to “News links for Nov 21 2013 – 1”

  1. A couple days ago I wrote here something like, “There’re lots of Lutherans in America. Do they even know about what’s going on in their Church in Germany? One brave lady, standing alone in protest against an Islamic takeover?”

    Then I see this & get sick. This apologist for terror is a former Christian Lutheran “converted in 1998 and has described how he was almost recruited himself by radical elements in Islam.”

  2. #7
    And they always come back with the argument that you can find violent verses in any religious text if you look hard enough and are dishonest enough to take them out of context. And you know what? That argument almost always works and succeeds in shutting down the discussion. Never mind the fact that they are calling you a small-minded little liar who searches through the Quran looking for disingenuous ammunition to feed his already-flourishing racial prejudice and religious hatred – the argument always seems to work. It’s like whenever you say “communism”, there’s always a leftist nearby to start shouting, “McCarthy, McCarthy!”. And it works every time… Without the help of the mainstream media, we’re going to lose this and the Muslims are going to win…

  3. #4 This is a persecution to take over the cultural space of a civilization. It is not an honest argument about separation of church and state.

    Not too long ago there was a brouhaha about sham marriages performed in order to get military marriage benefits such as Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH). There was a gay angle to it. One of the women in the gay relationship was pictured wearing a cross. I would be willing to bet that she wore the cross more as a fashion accessory than because she was religious. It was not that she was gay and religious. At best is was a fashion accessory and at worst it was a way of owning the symbol of your enemy.

    Here is my point. If the newsreader had been lesbian and known to be lesbian, the leftist groups would not have made this an issue now.

  4. #2 Linda Ducharme is confused and/or ugly. Look at the left side of her face. Her left eye has a downward slant to it. Also her mouth is not symmetrical. Now a person’s worth should not be judged by their beauty but it is.

    We seriously could put a score on her beauty. Psychologists have already worked out methods for such scoring. So it is real.

    The point is is that she was not asked out on dates much or if she was she was soon dumped. All the thrill/hormones people experience when in love is not something she would be getting from a normal relationship. But when she feels a rush of adrenaline from a carnival ride or something else exciting, she interprets it as love. She is confused.

    The heck of it is that symmetry is not genetic and is more likely developmental. She would have made as good of a spouse as anyone else.

    But now we have to put up with a warped society with warped definitions, because all the explanations as to why people do things are wrong. Instead we get queer theory and all sorts of other nonsense.

  5. Islam and the left are waging a war against Christianity, it doesn’t matter where the Christians are both groups are trying to drive them deep underground.

  6. Come on Richard, how are we to fight this?

    Sometimes I get blue –
    [not You, BLUE… but a ^whole^ lot better than a ferris-wheel,right… ?] –

    But it will get you down, if you don’t do something to _defend_ yourself & those with whom you identify.

  7. #1 So Mr Jaser has 2 disabled kids. Is his son charged with terrorists acts one of those two disabled sons? Journalists are not going to let us know.

    These kids are disabled. That is a lot of social services. Did Mr Jasser marry his 1st cousin?

    With so many disabled kids how is it that we are on the hook for these immigrants? I have nieces and nephews. My spouse has looked to see what it would take for them to immigrate to North America. Their parents are themselves immigrants to a European country. The thing is is they have are integrated into said country. The children have 1st names typical of that country. They speak the language of that country. The parents have blue collar jobs. If we sponsored them we would be on the hook. If we were just a little more irresponsible, they would be here and the government would be on the hook.

    The also said that the family of the accused filled the rows beside and behind Mr Heft. how many people is that? Immigration s just great. I n a generation with luck or 3 generations without it , the immigrants can all out vote us and then Democracy is gone.
    You got to love liberals.

  8. The first thing to do is admit this is going to be a long war, the second is to work to get politicians who will support the west elected, after that is done start working to prevent more Islamization of the western nations. Right now I am concentrating on seeing that the US survives as a free nation until Obama is out of office.

  9. 8/
    I don’t think they realise what it looks like. Shh! Don’t tell them. At least, not yet. Tell them just before the cup starts and watch them freak out and try to tear down the stadium or maybe they’ll try to put a huge veil over it.
    That’ll teach the West to allow these events to be played in Muzz countries.

  10. @Richard

    The U.S. will survive this president because it’s the greatest country ever known. We are better than this. We are Exceptional.

    Others don’t have time. Christians in the Middle East can’t wait. Lutherans in Germany may go down; some already have gone down in Canada. It’s happening too planned, too fast, taken far too casually. If ever there was a time for prayer, it is now.

    I’m devastated, but not surprised that Europe has become unsafe for Jews. Again. Some are so assimilated – & left-wing brainwashed – they’re already lost. (There’s even a self-destructive left-wing in Israel itself.)

    But more will do what they are forced to do to stay alive as Jews. They’re just about out of time in Europe.

    Israel will stand alone, act alone, knowing full well that THIS government has joined the enemy. She is prepared to do this, if it is necessary – because there is no alternative. Time is very, very short.

  11. Yucki I know the US will survive I am just not sure we will be a place I want to live in, I remember when we were much freer then we are now and pray we will regain all of our freedom..

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