The woman in the church in Germany

First of all, I would like to thank Carpe Diem for his excellent work translating the second video, and the article from PI News for we English. This is quite a moving story.

First of all, you may have seen the video of the woman quoting Martin Luther in the German church in which, an imam was wailing the usual tedious invocations and calls to jihad posted here the other day. In case you haven’t. here it is below:

Of course she had to leave the church and the video continues below where she joins the vigil outside.

Below, the article written by our brave woman for PI News and translated for us by Carpe Diem:


Speyer: “Here I am standing. I cannot do otherwise.”

On Sunday, the Memorial Church in Speyer hosted Karl Jenkins’ so called Mass for Peace “The Armed Man” where the Islamic call to prayer is performed by an Imam. For that reason, the “Campaign group for persecuted Christians” held a silent vigil at which 40 Christians took part. One of them, Heidi M. – also known as “The brave German”- didn’t want to remain silent any longer. Here is her report:

Together we are going to Speyer. We are seeing light in the congregation centre behind the Memorial Church. A friendly young woman is leading us the way to the place where they are selling tickets. So, there are still some tickets left. Thank God! In a very unfriendly manner, she is being called back by the choral conductor. “Like the devil”, we two are thinking at this very moment. Many faces in this room are looking as if they were petrified. Where can I find Jesus in them?

We are getting two tickets. That’s 36.-€ (48.60$). Is this an investment in truth, or is this just a waste of money? As an economist, I quickly start calculating. There are 2000 seats in the church. If it’s only filled half, they already earned 18,000.-€. What will they do with that money? Build another mosque? What do we finance with our entrance fee?

I don’t want to join the silent vigil htat had permission to quietly protest far away from the church. Regarding the issue, I cannot simply remain silent. We have tickets for the balcony. My brother – we are all like one family – cannot keep his mouth shut. He is from Northern Africa, and he’s already been through a lot. When reading the inscription at the tall statue of Martin Luther, we are deeply concerned.

While the choirs are entering the church, I have the feeling God is telling me: History repeats. The Imam is the second act of the evening. At least the first row of seats is filled with Muslims. F. recognised them immediately. They are watching him constantly.

Confidently the Imam is reaching the pedestal and starts with this awful call. Quickly I’m taking my German flag which reads: Jesus Christ is the Lord. I’ m unrolling the flag and speak the famous quote by Martin Luther: “I am standing here. I cannot do otherwise.” I know, time is short. I’m lifting the curse the Imam has just placed on the church and on us.

From each corner, people start pulling my flag. I don’t want it to rip. Then they are pushing me and F. They shall leave me, don’t touch me. I keep telling that I will leave voluntarily. They try grabbing F.’s cell phone he used for filming. Over and over they try holding me ruggedly. They already had been waiting for us to come up with something. Through the rear exit we are being pushed downstairs. I remember what Jesus Christ himself once said to those who are not worthy of God’s peace:” And if anyone will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet when you leave that house or town.” (Matthew 10:14 English Standard Version (ESV)) So we both consciously do. I keep thinking: this is betrayal, betrayal of the martyrs, betrayal of us believers, of our country, of God himself.

I know, this is not just about a show concealed as a “concert”. This is about the foundation of our existence. This is about our lives.

The Memorial Church in Speyer had been built at the beginning of the last century by the German state and the congregation in commemoration of Martin Luther and the German rulers who protected him. Now “the great prostitute” (Revelation 17:1 (ESV))
had occupied it.

The great Apostle Paul says in Galatians 1:8 (ESV):

“But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed.”

Reading about the content of this terrible performance, it seems to me like a curse on our country. It feels as if we were singing to this “concert” for our own judgement. It’s pure idolatry being carried out in God’s church. The living God, this house has been dedicated to, will react to this.

The pastors and the leader of the Protestant/Evangelical Church in Germany betray their founder Martin Luther and the reformers, they betray our country which built its law and
moral standards upon God’s word, the Bible. They betray all of us.

F. told me this morning: “I am proud of us There is nothing more beautiful in my life than what we did last evening. Heidi, you were Martin Luther’s substitute. WE are the congregation. We said what had to be said. The people know and understand nothing.”


Below, a continuation of what our brave German, Heidi, had to say outside after her protest in the church:

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  1. Their is palpable anger in the populace of Europe. Even the police can sense it.

    Politicians should take heed.


    Yes prayer is needed, or else we are all toast.

  2. I want German Christians to put a stop to this.
    Is there no one to take up this cross? One brave lady calls out for truth, can she inspire no one?

  3. DP that anger is the only chance Europe has of stopping the Islamic conquest, the anger is felt over here but so far it is more directed towards Obama and his traitors rather then the Moslems, although there is some and it is growing.

  4. yucki most of them probably don’t know about it, in fact most of them probably don’t hear any news from Germany more then once a year.

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