News links for Nov 16 2013 – 1

1. A French jihadi in Syria advises other jihadis in Europe to come fight for the caliphate via Facebook. This is worth reading. Below is my favorite part so far:

Aba Souleyman: “You need to factor in the price of travel (by plane or car, it depends), and after that you can wait for the Dawla [ISIS] to give you a Kalashnikov, or you can buy it yourself, which will earn you a greater reward from Allah. A Kalashnikov with full magazines costs about $1,800.”

2. Another reformed ‘extremist’ speaks on what Islam is today and what it wants.

It would be interesting for him to supply scriptural evidence to support his views on islam from any of the accepted authoritative sources. Koran, Hadiths, sunna, the reliance of the traveller, any of the accepted and authoritative islamic sources. I’m willing to bet he can’t and that’s why he doesn’t.

3. Frank Gaffney and panel: FDR’s normalization of relations with the USSR (2 hours)

4. Muslims discovered the USA before Christopher Colombus (The inset photos are a nice twig to reality)

5. EDL march in Exeter:

6. Burmese Buddhists protest OIC visit.

(The Buddhist group, 969, have some great logos and so on. I recommend that people find them on the net and make T shirts and sweat shirts etc. out of them. Support these people desperately fighting to preserve their own culture and history in the lands they themselves built. Remember, Afghanistan was a Buddhist country and the muslims not only exterminated them but even destroyed the 100 foot tall stone buddhas to utterly eliminate any trace of the country’s previous culture and beliefs. This is islam everywhere it can. The Burmese Buddhists deserve and need our support.)

(Thank you M, Fjordman, and many other people who sent in material and whom I have lost track of for this post. Mia culpa)

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  1. 2/ Really. What would that “middle ground” be that Maajid Nawaz wants to reclaim? The extremists, the radicals, the hijackers of true Islam, the stranglers of moderate Islam, the organized minority, what a lot of crap. He’s putting on a good show of being ‘open and transparent’ without being anything of the kind. I wonder what he’s up to.

  2. Afghanistan was not only where Buddhists lived but also Hindus along side, and long before the Buddha was born. Now how many people are aware of the rich ancient Hindu history of Afghanistan? The city now known as Kandahar was in the Hindu scriptures (like places and people in the Christian Bible). So not only has Buddhism been annihilated but also Hinduism to the point people barely associate Hinduism with Afghanistan though its presence dominated Afghanistan long before Buddhism existed.

    “The Kandhar city in Afghanistan is the current mispronunciation of the Sanskrit term “Gandhar” which was the capital of a flourishing ancient Hindu kingdom. Gandhari (wife of King Dhritarastra) belonged to the region.

    After their defeat in the Mahabharata war, many of the kaurva descendants settled in the Kandhar region which was their maternal home.”

  3. The Moslems have to destroy the history prior to Islam, if they didn’t their followers would start to wonder about how the Koran is out of tune with every other history in the world.

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