Graffiti at Pau Mosque: imam admits to being the author

Original Translation by C. B. Sashenka

From this French news site:

The graffiti had caused a deep stir, at the end of October. (Mark Zirnheld Archives PP)
The police had opened an investigation after the discovery of insulting graffiti in green paint towards the end of October on the mosque of Pau, avenue of Buros.

No trail led anywhere, until Wednesday, the author spontaneously came to give himself up to the police (perhaps stricken with remorse?): he is the imam himself. Employee of the religious association, this man in his fifties would have thus acted in the context of an internal settling of scores.

He is called to court next January 8th for an appearance based on plea bargaining.

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7 Replies to “Graffiti at Pau Mosque: imam admits to being the author”

  1. Just one of many ‘ false flag’ incidents, to garner sympathy from the lackeys, lapdogs, and groveling sycophants of Islam in the MSM and the political class.

  2. This is truly barbaric. When Muslims are caught destroying churches, instead of teaching Muslims to stop this type of barbaric behaviour, they respond by defacing mosques, and then try to make out that all religions are the same. They are not. Islamic is criminal, and very possibly an insane delusion of mohammed.

    The other reason Muslims resort to such behaviour, is that they really want to start a religious war, hoping, that in any peace treaty, they will get a hunk of Infidel territory. Thus the progression to invade and conquer will continue.

    Thankfully, many people are getting to know the truth of Islam and Muslims. Its now a matter of time till islam is destroyed, or Muslims will have to go back to dar ul islam. I see no other solution. Its highly unlikely the West will give these savages what they want – the entire Western world.

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