News links for Nov 14 2013 – 2

1. Spanish woman suffers gynecological problems from imagining someone playing piano, demands jail time for neighbor.

2. Some very serious police/military action in the streets of India to disperse muslims rioting/celebrating ashura.

3. Just in time for Christmas, the Lars Vilks Calendar! 

4. In North Korea, meet the new boss. More brutal than the old boss and pornographic in his use of near arbitrary horror and forced observance of it.

5. In Australia like Canada, Jewish community leaders utterly miss the point of freedom of speech and fight it to their own detriment.

(These guys don’t get it. If you cannot speak the truth about islam you cannot expose its genocidal intentions. This freedom will mean the ability to speak untruths about Jews etc. But this is a small price to pay, if indeed it is a price at all since those untruths are spoken anyway.)

6. Ice hotel to install fire alarms.

(This is why socialism fails)

7. Al-Qaeda apologizes for decapitating a co-fighter instead of an enemy. 

8. Appeal court strips seven women groped by GP of compensation because ‘there’s no evidence they were harmed by the abuse’

  • Dr Gousul Islam, 71, was jailed for 11 years last winter for assaulting a string of patients over three decades

  • He questioned them on their sex lives, performed unnecessary intimate examinations and, in one case, put his penis into a patient’s mouth

Thank you Grace, M, UK Pete, Fjordman and all. 

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  1. ‘I hope you die painfully’: vile abuse aimed at anti-FGM women

    Campaigners against female genital mutilation have been subjected to vile threats and abuse since they took part in a documentary about their fight.

    Leyla Hussein and Nimco Ali of the charity Daughters of Eve were bombarded with sickening text messages, emails and tweets within minutes of the The Cruel Cut being broadcast on Channel 4 last week.

    One message to the women said: “I hope you die and painfully”, and another survivor of FGM who spoke anonymously on the programme was identified and mocked on the internet.

    Friends and family of Ms Hussein, who presented the documentary, have been staying with her since it aired and police have been stationed outside.

    Experts called for more to be done to protect women who risk the wrath of their communities by speaking out against the barbaric practice.

  2. Messages Of Hatred Toward Muslims in Belgrade Removed

    Belgrade – Messages of hatred towards the Islamic population, which yesterday appeared on the recently restored tomb of Sheikh Mustafa in downtown Belgrade, were cleaned last night.

    Black graffiti messages written on the Tomb say: ”Let them burn!” and ”Is this a Bin Laden’s coffin inside?”. It is not known when were the messages written exactly, but they were found yesterday on the Sheikh Mustafa’s Tomb (turbe), recently renewed with the help of Turkish embassy in Serbia.

    “It is terrible how someone can destroy such a beautiful historic building. We know that these are individuals and that this does not reflect the opinion of citizens,” said Rifat Krlic from the Turkish Agency for Cooperation and coordination which funded the restoration of Sheikh Mustafa’s turbe.

  3. Somali pirates jailed in US over American deaths (BBC, Nov 15, 2013)
    “A US court has sentenced two Somali pirates to life in prison without parole for their role in the killing of four Americans aboard a yacht off the Horn of Africa in February 2011.

    Abukar Osman Beyle and Shani Nurani Shiekh Abrar were convicted of murder, kidnapping, hostage-taking and piracy.

    Prosecutors say 19 Somalis, 14 of whom have now been sentenced, boarded the yacht to take the Americans for ransom.

    The hostages died after negotiations with the US Navy broke down…”

  4. Deaths at Libya anti-militia protest (BBC, Nov 15, 2013)
    “At least two people have been killed and 25 injured in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, after militiamen opened fire on demonstrators.

    The protesters had marched to the headquarters of the Misrata militia to demand that it leave Tripoli.

    The militia were involved in last week’s clashes in the capital, which also left two people dead.

    The Libyan government has been struggling to contain numerous militias who control many parts of the country…”

  5. Shiites staging religious procession beat 3 Sunnis to death in Pakistan

    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Shiite Muslims staging a religious procession near Pakistan’s capital Friday beat to death three Sunnis from an Islamic seminary for insulting them as they passed, police said.

    Fifteen other people, mostly police officers, were wounded in the clash in the city of Rawalpindi, which is located next to the capital, Islamabad, police officer Afzal Hussain said.

    The Shiites dragged the Sunnis out of the seminary after hearing the shouted insults and beat them to death, Hussain said. They also set several shops outside the seminary on fire, he said.

    Police tried to stop the clash, but officers were wounded as the two sides threw stones at each other, Hussain said. An army unit based in Rawalpindi eventually reached the scene and took control.

    The Shiites were observing Ashoura, which commemorates the 7th century death of the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson. The schism between Sunnis and Shiites dates back to that time. The holiday has been marred by violence in Pakistan in past years, including bombings targeting Shiite processions.

    Radical Sunnis have stepped up attacks against Shiites in Pakistan in recent years, sparking criticism from the minority sect that the government wasn’t doing enough to protect them. Radical Sunnis consider Shiites to be heretics.

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