BREAKING NEWS: Three killed as knife-wielding man hijacks a bus in Norway

Daily Mail:

  • Three dead including driver after attack in Stavanger
  • Man aged in his 50s arrested by police
  • Firefighters were called to bus thinking there had been an accident
  • Crews detained the suspect until police arrived

[…] Solvag said the suspect was not an ethnic Norwegian but could not give details on where he was from.

The motive was not immediately clear.[…]

(One wonders if there might be Norwegian journalists who, through the racism of lowered expectations, think the three dead people deserved it for failing to help the non-ethnic norwegian blend in. As if they had no agency and couldn’t figure out killing people on a bus was not allowed on their own)

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16 Replies to “BREAKING NEWS: Three killed as knife-wielding man hijacks a bus in Norway”

  1. Traditionally, the caliph would demand X number of pounds of gold and 500 young boys every year for the pleasure of the court to use how so ever they pleased. Perhaps Norway can start a cull now? I bet I know who could try to sell the idea to their parents.

  2. Why,all they need to do is take that killer by the hand and talk him out of his murderous ways. That’ll work. Ask the two dupes on your other thread about the best ways to do this…

    Sheesh…this is awful. But taking in third world immigrants *feels* so righteous, and why not love Hamas in the face of reality??

    These people are shmoos.

  3. On the other hand, Norway has at least thrown out the traitorous muslim hugging Stoltenberg, and has installed three babes and a guy who have no love for the muslim trash infesting Norway, we have yet to see that happen in any other Eurabian country, so until we see what “Iron” Erna and Siv are capable of let’s not dump on Norway, eh?

    In any case other countries are in a much worse state; England, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, France and Germany are more deserving of your bile.

  4. Sweden is much worse than Norway. Personally, I’m secure – so far – in my exile in Martinique where the concentration of muslims is very low (Apart from the reality in “l’hexagone”.). Can you imagine that I’m worried about my grandchildren’s future in Sweden? Their parents deny to acknowledge the islamic threats.

  5. The fact is that when you allow your government to bring these inbred mutants and absolute vermin into a civilized society, the general public, the citizenry pay the awful price not the political class. They have ‘protection’ much better than the common man.

  6. To Peter35 above,

    Danes (and Finns to some extent) are better off than their neighbors (Swedes and Norse), but no one beats the Swiss (yea they’re snobs but who cares). As for your list, add Italy and it is complete 🙂

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