News links for Nov 4 2013 – 2

1. Man who murdered three Norwegians on a bus is flown safely to a Norwegian hospital to treat wounds “he sustained during the attack”. Reports are he was South Sudanese while Debka reports he was Palestinian. I would bet on Sudan. It is also interesting that he murdered everyone on that bus.

2. Norway: Newsreader banned from wearing cross on air 

3. In France, people are urged to crush freedom of speech and freedom of expression by using a smartphone app to “report ‘islamophobia'” to some group there. 

4. Even though Google and Yahoo (And you can bet Microsoft and Apple) cooperate with the NSA on coughing up our privacy, the NSA has gone above and beyond their agreements

5. Russian Nationalists have taken to the street to protest irrational and unwanted immigration.

Many were arrested:

6. Taxpayers’ £10,000 bill to teach failed asylum seeker to fly: Ethiopian given lessons despite Government saying he must leave country next year

Taxpayers face a bill of tens of thousands of pounds so a failed asylum seeker can train to be a pilot.

Yonas Admasu Kebede will be given flying lessons costing £10,000 even though the Government says he must leave the UK next year.

The 21-year-old from Ethiopia will also get up to £10,000 in living expenses.

7. Eight to twenty people in Syria have Kuru, a disease you can only get by cannibalism 

8. 95% of the British public feel the EDL have a view that deserves to be heard

9. Mashudur Rahman Choudhury, 30, is accused of the commission, preparation and instigation of acts of terrorism

Thank you Fjordman, M, UK Pete, Richard and all.

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  1. 3/ “It’s concerning to see views in France in 2013 that are the same as those that were held in the Middle Ages, when there were no human rights. It’s really worrying,” [CCIF president Sami Debah] said.

    Of course, human rights, as understood in the Universal Declaration, do not exist now and never have existed in Islam. French Muslims want French human rights protection for their own so-called human rights in Islam, which seek to undermine and ultimately destroy French human rights. The app, which “also gives legal advice to anyone who might have been a victim of Islamophobia, and informs them of their rights,” will help them do this.

  2. 2/ Even better than the story is this (presumably Scandinavian) comment:

    “At least she’s still alive, unlike many of the victims of Christianity’s insatiable thirst for world domination.”

  3. don c

    Re: “At least she’s still alive, unlike many of the victims of Christianity’s insatiable thirst for world domination.”

    Either the commentator is Muslim, or the statement above is yet another indication of the destruction of Western education systems.

    The Gramscians have infiltrated the education system, and directly or by inference, equated Christian faith as being violent, along with all other religions, except Islam.

    Of course, the godless religion of Marx holds the all time world record of mass murder in the shortest time, and with a degree of cruelty unmatched even by Islam. That is never taught in our schools.

  4. @DP111
    “I cannot imagine the degree of stupidity and ignorance required….”
    that degree is readily available from any one of our broken and politicaly twisted, right-on universities.

    for a fee.

  5. Bangladesh sentences 150 soldiers to death for mutiny

    A special court on Tuesday sentenced at least 150 Bangladeshi soldiers to death and sentenced hundreds more to prison for their role in a 2009 mutiny in which 74 people, including senior army officers, were hacked to death, tortured or burnt alive.

    “The atrocities were so heinous that even the dead bodies were not given their rights,” Judge Mohammad Akhtaruzzaman told the packed court in the capital Dhaka as he read out the verdicts.

    The 823 soldiers were charged with murder, torture, conspiracy and other offences over the 30-hour uprising that started at the BDR headquarters in Dhaka and spread to other bases around the country.

    Nearly 6,000 soldiers have already been convicted by dozens of special courts over the mutiny that left 74 people dead, including 57 top army officers.

  6. DP111 & Bilbo,

    A degree in total ignorance, blanket ignorance, ignorance of world history, religions, politics, race relations, ethnic conflict, language, human nature, everything.

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