Egypt’s trial: true justice will reveal Morsi’s alliances

This article from Voice of the Copts

shows that Morsi’s trial should be extremely interesting. Some excerpts:

Para 3:

In a country where no regulation or law exists to govern taping of conversations or, more aptly, where the Attorney General appointed by the President permitted secret recordings by Egyptian intelligence of the President’s meetings and phone conversations, judges dismissed by Morsi and now reinstated will be presented with tape recordings of Morsi’s discussions with Aymen Al Zawahiri of Al Qaeda.

[…] Morsi’s negotiation with the Al Qaeda leader delays application of the Iran and Taliban models for Egypt until a more receptive time and, in return for Al Zawahiri’s favor, the President agrees to immediately enforce Sharia law and release five thousand jailed terrorist-jihadists […]

(He was as bad as the worst fears we held for him. And as far as I can tell, Obama still backs this guy.)


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  1. Very surprising but heartening that it would be Egypt who would take the muslim goat by the horns. And stick a horn in Osoros eye at the same time.

  2. Dont know if we already had this one. In any case, there seems to be quite some dichotomy raging in the brains of a bunch of Swedes and others, too.

    Swedes unhappy with immigrant integration (thelocal, Oct 29, 2013)
    “Foreigners aren’t well-integrated into Stockholm and Malmö according to a new survey on the quality of life in European cities.

    The survey was carried out on behalf of the European Commission, with over 40,000 people across Europe rating how satisfied they are with their own cities.

    According to the report, 88 percent of Stockholmers think the presence of foreigners is good for a city while in Malmö that figure is 78 percent.

    However, there was a significant difference in perceived integration levels, with Swedish respondents overwhelmingly stating that they didn’t think immigrants were well-integrated in society.

    Thirty-eight percent of Stockholm residents think immigrants are integrated well, with 26 percent of Malmö dwellers answering the same for their city, a 9 percent-drop compared to the 2009 survey


    The findings on Swedes’ attitudes toward integration echo those of Transatlantic Trends study released last month by the German Marshall fund.

    Among other things, the study found that Swedes have a more favourable opinion of immigration than they do of the actual integration process, and that 64 percent had concerns about how the government was handling immigration issues.”

  3. To anybody with even a surface understanding of the Islamist problem, it has been apparent for ages that the Muslim Brotherhood was the very heart of the beast, quite simply, the enemy. Osama bin Laden – remember him? – took his inspiration from Brotherhood co-founder Said Kutbe and others just like him. And I’m expected to believe that the entire United States security apparatus, including the FBI and the CIA, know less than I do about the most important issue that they face? Hey, that’s just not possible – they’ve got to know…

    Obama’s got to be a Muslim sympathizer, if not outright agent. Nothing else can explain his love affair with the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s like sending guns to the German High Command in the middle of WWII. I can’t believe how gullible the American people are. Obama should so obviously be in a cell in Fort Leavenworth.

    And by the way. That birth certificate Obama finally released after Donald Trump forced his hand has, “This is a computer-generated facsimile” written on it. Yes, it contains a scanned image of the long form birth certificate, but the actual document has never been revealed. How can the New York Times just let that fact just sit there without saying a word? And while we’re at it, how about his associations with his murderous, lying, conspiring cousin, Raila Odinga, hmmm? And what about the fact that he was a genuine “red baby”? And what about his friendship with Bill Ayers? And, what about his fascination with, not to mention similarity to, Malcolm X? And why did he snub the British and the memory of Winston Churchill? And why is he so belligerent toward Israel? And why does he always drag his feet on the subject of American oil-independence? And why didn’t he walk out of his church the first time the preacher started ranting hatred toward white people – I certainly wouldn’t stay for an anti-black hate sermon from a white preacher, Why didn’t he just get up and walk out of the church, the racist so-and-so…? Wake up, America! This guy is running your country into a concrete abutment…

  4. Bill Whittle talks at length about initiatives to begin taking back the popular culture in Stratosphere Lounge Episode 39 (available on Youtube). He has some encouraging thoughts.

    “Despite the fact that the left is doing everything absolutely right, and we are doing absolutely everything wrong…it’s still a 50/50 country…. We don’t need to move the ball 60 yards, we move the ball 2 yards we’ll win. We move the ball 4 or 5 yards we’ll win forever.”

  5. Eeyore this trail should be real intersting, the questions is how much coverage will the west give to the facts brought out?

    Chris a lot of us know but are powerless to do anything, knowledge doesn’t count as evidence in court.

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