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3 Replies to “SUN Media removed by POLICE at anti-fraking protest by Amer-indians”

  1. From wedding to grave… Fits… I guess – at least they died in a happy state of mind.

    Wedding-bound minibus bombed in Afghanistan; 20 dead (CNN, Oct 27, 2013)
    “At least 20 people on their way to a wedding were killed on Sunday in a roadside bombing in eastern Afghanistan, a local official told CNN.

    The incident occurred in the Andar district of Ghazni province. Fourteen women and a child were among the dead and five other people were injured.

    Nabi Jan, spokesman for the Ghazni provincial governor, said the bomb struck a minibus carrying people to the wedding. Jan accused Taliban militants of the bombing. No one has claimed responsibility.”

  2. All of the western nations are turning authoritarian in their pursuit of a multicultural society, once they achieve their goal they will then remove all rights from anyone that belongs to a group they don’t like.

    We are sailing in uncharted waters in a leaky boat during a hurricane.

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