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4 Replies to “Quebecers demonstrate for the new charter of values proposed by the Quebec legislature.”

  1. Yes, Yes, Yes,
    and the majority of the populastion across Canada would side with these people
    if they werent such fning cowards and afriad of the blow back, bering called racist
    for wanting a modern society where immigrants integrate, not demand everyone
    tolerate their backward barbaric customs that are by the medias mentality, meant
    to trump womens rights, gay rights and the rights to be served in public services by
    those who do not shove their idiotic religious beliefs in everyones face

    vivila the Quebecers who are leaders in the rights to maintain a modern democracy
    hopefully they win the fight against the braindead who side with zombies

  2. Fatal ‘insider attack’ at new Afghan army academy (ND/AFP, Oct 27, 2013)
    “An Afghan soldier shot and injured two NATO coalition troops before being killed in a dispute at a flagship officer-training academy near Kabul that only opened a week ago, officials said Sunday.

    NATO officials confirmed the shooting at the British-run Afghan National Army Officer Academy, which has been set up to produce a new generation of professional military leaders as the Afghan army takes on the Taliban.

    “There was an argument between two soldiers that led to violence and each of them opened fire,” Dawlat Waziri, a spokesman for the Afghan defence ministry, told AFP.

    The Afghan soldier was killed and two international soldiers received minor injuries in the shooting on Saturday…”

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