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8 Replies to “No Woman, No Drive”

  1. Yes, Yes, Yes,
    and the majority of the populastion across Canada would side with these people
    if they werent such fning cowards and afriad of the blow back, bering called racist
    for wanting a modern society where immigrants integrate, not demand everyone
    tolerate their backward barbaric customs that are by the medias mentality, meant
    to trump womens rights, gay rights and the rights to be served in public services by
    those who do not shove their idiotic religious beliefs in everyones face

    vivila the Quebecers who are leaders in the rights to maintain a modern democracy
    hopefully they win the fight against the braindead who side with zombies

  2. Video of Saudi man beating Asian man prompts govt. to step in

    A video apparently showing a Saudi man beating an Asian man has triggered public anger and pushed Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Commission to follow up on the case, a spokesperson told Al Arabiya.

    The Saudi man in the video, who has not been named, accuses the victim of talking to his wife and then proceeds to attack him.

    The beating has led the country’s human rights authority to receive multiple complaints by viewers calling for the perpetrator to be punished, said spokesperson Ibrahim al-Shadi.

    Shadi added that the beating was a flagrant violation of the victim’s rights to safety and dignity. The act also flouted rules set by Islamic Sharia, he said.

    The spokesperson added that, regardless of why the man was allegedly assaulted, the perpetrator’s actions did not abide by state-enforced rules on the protection of human rights.


  3. YES! this is the kind of video we need from Muslims.
    Something that laughs at their religion.

    I hope they are not living in Saudi Arabia their life expectancy would be low.

  4. There is a post that could use some thumbs down because she is wrong she will drive the agenda here in this video

    “Islam does allow women to drive.? It’s Saudi’s law that doesn’t allow them to drive. Stop getting confusing over religion and culture!!”

    can you guys clarify this for her

  5. I’m not convinced that it makes a positive difference to the rest of us if Saudi women are allowed to drive. The hope seems to be that this will change Saudi Arabia in ways that make it less of a problem. But Muslim women drive in Europe, for instance, and that probably makes Islam even more worrying in some ways than if they didn’t. How does it help Britain that instead of taking a taxi or getting a ride, a British Muslim woman can drive herself to a debate in defense of her human right to wear a niqab? On the way home she can stop by the office to see how her halal food business is coming along. Driving empowers her. And that’s good?

  6. Don C I agree with you, the attitude is that any change will be a change for good, this isn’t necessarily right in fact forcing Saudi to let women drive will not help anyone in the west and will not prevent one terror attack.

  7. Richard and Don you are both missing the bigger picture here.

    It doesn’t matter if they remove the laws or not (agreed.) But this is getting a lot of publicity and if it was presented correctly would show how Sharia is used. But there still is a dominate belief it is a cultural issue not a religious one.

    We are going to lose another chance at showing how Islam works when it is in the spot light.

  8. Ox AO,

    I’m not sure I know what you mean, exactly. What is the right way to use this issue? How can it be used to show how Islam works?

    Does it better show how Islam works if Saudi women begin to drive or if they don’t begin to drive?

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