Dead Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev DID butcher friend and two others by slitting their throats after ‘drug deal gone wrong’ and dumped marijuana on bodies

Daily Mail:

Brendan Mess, described as Tsarnaev’s ‘only American friend’, Raphael Teken and Erik Weissman were murdered at their home in Waltham, Massachusetts on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.


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6 Replies to “Dead Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev DID butcher friend and two others by slitting their throats after ‘drug deal gone wrong’ and dumped marijuana on bodies”

  1. Jewish guy befriends Muslim.
    Muslim kills Jewish guy.

    Will 70% of Jews learn that voting Labour/Socialist/Democrat is against their best interests?

  2. Back to the roots… Umdat al-Salik wa Uddat al-Nasik o1.2…

    Yemeni ‘burns daughter to death for contacting fiance’ (BBC, Oct 23, 2013)
    “A 15-year-old Yemeni girl was burned to death by her father for getting in touch with her fiance before their wedding, police say.

    The 35-year-old man was arrested after the teenager’s death in the remote village of Shabaa, in Taiz province.

    “The father committed this heinous crime on the pretext that his daughter had been keeping in contact with her fiance,” a police statement claimed.

    Local news websites said he had caught the pair chatting on the telephone.

    Traditional tribal customs in some parts of Yemen prohibit contact between men and women before marriage.

    Last year, the UN Human Rights council raised concerns about so-called “honour killings” in the country. Perpetrators were not charged with murder, and faced only a six-month to one-year prison sentence, it found…”

  3. Red,
    They will never learn. The programming for hyper critical views of the surrounding Gentile culture is always switched on and amped up. I also suspect that Jews taking the long view also expect to find accommodation with Muslims as they have done so in Islamic Spain and the Ottoman empire. The demise of the Occident is not a problem in this case.

  4. Red, I agree with Dan: “They will never learn.”

    Jesus, another Jew, more attuned than any to surrounding culture, preached forgiveness & turn the other cheek.

    And remember the wife & parents of Daniel Pearl, the beheaded Wall Street Journal reporter? They were either Christ-like or dhimmi fools.

    Dan: Accommodation hasn’t been possible in the modern era. Almost all the Jews who had been living in Arab-majority lands became refugees in 1948. Some had been living in the same place since the time of Abraham.

    (Abraham is probably an exaggeration. But I’ve seen reliable documentation about a presence in Iraq – Babylon – from the time of Daniel the Prophet.)

    A minority remained until 1956 in Egypt & elsewhere, but it was no picnic & eventually they too had to flee. Bat Ye’or, who wrote so presciently about “Eurabia” describes her personal exodus from Egypt, the obliteration of a community dating back to Jeremiah the Prophet.

    That’s the long view.

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