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12 Replies to “Dijon propaganda clip of a brave French woman being made to look ‘racist’ for opposing Islam in France.”

  1. Nice job! Awesome! So cute how the silly French mustard confidently spewed his deceitful and fictious term “islamophobia”, invented by the muslim brotherhood as a tactical weapon of disinformation no less, as if he thinks it’s a real actual word. They obviously seems to believe their own pathetic propaganda! Love the way she didn’t even budge or bat an eye either. Viva le France! And suck pig shit you islamofascist scumbags!

  2. ….and they won’t like the fact she was a OUTSPOKEN FEMALE either..i mean,..” How dare she”.!! lol.

  3. And there is no doubt what that big black guy would do to her if the cameras weren’t there and nobody was watching. But, you know what? You could take a liberal and tie him into a chair and stick him in front of that video and he would scrunch up his eyes and make noise and force himself not to see it.

    Leftists do not want to know the truth about this. The average leftist considers disagreeing with the right to be more important than anything else in the world, including the safety of their own country. The left’s hatred of the right is the big problem we face today. If you gave the average lefty a choice between Joseph Goebbels and Newt Gingrich, they would actually choose Goebbels. They are a bunch of idiots as far as I can see. They think Rush Limbaugh would bring back slavery if he had the chance. Leftists are deluded babies…

  4. She can get away with saying this now, but if nothing is done about the Muslim menace, she won’t be able to get away with this in a few years time. The Muzz would have her raped and burqad before you can say ‘Mohammed’.

  5. Leftists are in love with their invented concept of “islamophobia” but have difficulty if you extend their logical concept to “naziphobia”. We will have to propagate “antiislamophobia” the absolute leftist fear of any criticism of a dark age cult by anyone for any reason and under any circumstances no matter how insane or genocidal the result.

  6. France will lead the way, as it is the cultural heart of Europe. Germany, though economically powerful, has its hands tied because of its Nazi past. But not so France. When France leads the way, the rest of Europe and Germany will follow. That leaves the UK in a difficult position. However, if the EU follows France, as it normally does, the UK will follow.

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