News links for Oct. 16 2013 – 2

1. Greek Parliament strips 3 MPs from right of immunity to prosecution 

(So, what exactly was this right for then, if they can arbitrarily apply it or remove it as wanted?)

2. Ottawa Police taken to ‘Human Rights Commission’ by Muslim. (It seems the politically-correct petard has a point at both ends)

3. Qatar’s World Cup slaves. Two videos.

4. How Palestinian Hate Prevents Peace. (Better read it fast its NYT and they will likely read it and pull it down soon!)

5. “…who also goes by ….” Story here.

6. Some headlines are so horrific they border on comedy. Monty Python would have used this if they had thought of it. But not if they had ever imagined it would actually happen and doubly so, in the UK.

Pensioner Guilty Of Raping Trafficked Orphan

A pensioner who trafficked a deaf and mute orphan into the UK, using her to milk the benefits system, has been found guilty of repeatedly raping the girl.

Ilyas Ashar, 84, sexually abused his vulnerable victim again and again, Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court heard.

(and it gets worse from there) More at the BBC

H/T Fjordman, M, Grace, Softly Bob and others. Thank you guys as always.

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7 Replies to “News links for Oct. 16 2013 – 2”

  1. Re the trafficked orphan: just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, it does. What is the matter with these foul, barbaric people? one reason might be: I have learned that it’s quite common that certain groups of immigrants in the UK have very negative and primitive views about disability eg that it’s due to possession by evil spirits, and they see it as something very shameful which will attract the opprobrium of ‘the community’. So instead of giving the children extra love and care, the parents actively punish and exclude them. Though if the disability brings extra money in the form of benefits, then the parents are very quick on the uptake
    (social worker friend of mine have given examples)
    If disabled children are viewed as something to be ashamed of, and as ‘sub-human’ or ‘evil’ , then this opens the door to all kinds of terrible abuse by parents. Perhaps this accords with the beliefs and values of the relevant ‘community’ and its elders too.

  2. Things are getting interesting in Greece, I expect Golden Dawn to come out of this confrontation in good shape and probably in power.

  3. 6/ The misunderstood Ashar family needed a team of ethnopsychiatrists from McGill University to explain that raping and otherwise exploiting slave-children is within the boundaries of normal behaviour for immigrants with their socioculturally-constructed identities and not accessible to judgement by Western legal norms.

  4. “obstructing a police officer” while “marching” – I saw no goose stepping, nor military actions.
    Two men walking down a street that the muslims claim is theirs. Failure to step off the pavement when passing muslims. Failure to bow to the *master* race. Non-muslim proximity to a mosque.
    All crimes in shariah.
    Do I sound slightly pissed? You bet.

  5. 3/ It’s good to see the situation of laborers in the Gulf getting some high-profile attention, although it’s hard to imagine the Qataris doing much to improve it. Something cosmetic possibly.

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