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13 Replies to “Maybe we should apply the same rules to Muslims that they do to everyone else?”

  1. Just exactly is it who owns Jerusalem? Israel. Just exactly what is Israel? A Jewish state.
    So why can’t the Jews pray on the temple mount? If anything, it should be Muslims who are forbidden to go there. Who exactly won the Six-Day war and the Yom Kippur war?
    Israel should just take over the Temple Mount, kick all Muzzies out and be done with it.
    But, if they did this, the whole World would hate them, call them Nazis, protest in the streets, call Israel an ‘Apartheid state’.
    Well, they do anyway, so why don’t the Israelis give the World a real reason to hate them? They won’t have lost anything.

  2. You’re on to a loser with that one. The muslims are the only truly non discriminatory people on the face of the earth. They hate everyone equally, even other muslims

    • I just don’t understand nor do I want to understand the evil of the muslims.why they have so much evil in yhrir hearts.lol and they say our Heavenly Father encourages their evil and barbaric views. They are just nuts

      • We are all God’s creation, yes Jewish, Christian and then muslim. I just dont understand the Evil ways of the muslim people and their evil and barbaric teaching. All I can do is pray for these unfortunate people and ask our Heavenly Father to fill their hearts with love and remove the boulder of evil that rest in their hearts .May Our Heavenly Father show these people mercy

  3. What few people seem to get is that the Muslims have no claim whatsoever to Jerusalem. The religion of Islam started in Mecca and Medina and surrounding areas, not Jerusalem. Both Mohammed and his “god” Allah hated all Jews with a vengeance, and there is no mention in the “holy books” of Mohammed ever even going to the Palestine region. For the Muslims to say that Jerusalem is their holy site would be like the Germans saying that Paris is their holy site, simply because they occupied France for a few years, and simply because they are saying it. We have to get used to the fact that Muslims are inveterate liars. We just don’t seem to be able to grasp that, as we continue to give them the benefit of the doubt. They’re lying. They have no claim to “al-Aqsa Mosque”, the place has been Jewish since thousands of years before the birth of Mohammed. They’re lying! And the Goddamn mainstream media keeps giving credence their lies, year after year after year…

  4. Phil: Not to pick nits but, it seems more like they hate everyone the most, more than they hate everyone equally. Granted its a subtle and arguably non-existent distinction. But hours of fun can be had goggling for ‘the greatest enemy of Islam’. My favorite result of course was Vlad Tepes.

  5. I agree, it is a Jewish Nation and the Jews should control the mount and decide who enters and who doesn’t.

    A major war is coming no matter what people do so why worry about causing conflict?

  6. Eeyore, don’t get me going again, Charles Martel, Jan Sobievsky, Richard the Lionheart……..Vlad – all fought to save the world for – secular democracy ?, hmmmm, looks like his namesake (Vlad Putin) may be our only hope

  7. If “international law” meant anything, foreign embassies would be located in Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish state. Yet even “friendly” Western nations won’t budge from Tel Aviv. Why?

    Anything Israel does is deemed “incitement” by everyone else, including big fat doves in Israel’s own Knesset. Israel could very well exert its sovereign rights over the Temple Mount. Ariel Sharon thought it was about time, so he went up there with a small group of unarmed men wearing prayer shawls. Thus he provoked the first Intifada and a lot of people died.

    Jews in the Diaspora tend to forget who they are; they tend cling to liberalism, even suicidal liberalism. (And those who convert become the most vicious totalitarians.) That’s just the way it is, the way it always has been. Diaspora Jews make all kinds of noise. It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t change their immediate reality. After all, they watched Scud missiles hit Israeli cities on TV from the comfort of their homes in Boston & Toronto.

    Syrians start fighting each other, then attract sordid packs of mongrels till things go from bad to worse. Great Powers posture while Israelis scramble for gas masks. Israel can’t even be sure which side is the lesser enemy. To paraphrase Kissinger, “It’s a shame both can’t lose.”

    A major war is coming, I agree, but we’re not there yet. This country has no memory of war within its borders, but Israel surely does.

  8. @ Chris Jones.
    The Muslim claim to Jerusalem is indeed a flimsy one and it’s all based on one incident – ‘Mohammed’s Night Dream’.

    According to Muslim scripture, the Pirate Mohammed claimed to have been in bed one night and had a night journey where he was magically transported to heaven but did so via Jerusalem. While in Jerusalem, Allah told Mo that the city belonged to him. Next day Pedo Mo told his story of what had happened the night before.
    Even his followers disputed his story so they cynically asked Mohammed to describe Jerusalem. so that they could confirm whether his story was true or not.
    So Mo decided to describe the temple that was there. He claimed to have flown over the city, and he explained what the temple looked like, roughly what size it was and the different views of it from different angles. Of course, none of his followers had been to Jerusalem, so they didn’t know any different.
    Apart from one old wise man who had been a great traveller in his time and he confirmed that Mohammed’s description of the temple was indeed correct. This was enough to satisfy his critics.

    Of course, what neither Mo, nor his apologist realised was that there was no holy temple in Jerusalem. It didn’t exist at the time, but had been destroyed by the Romans about five hundred or so years earlier. So Mo had clearly fabricated the story. Muslims of course, reject this and accuse non-Muslims of lying about history.

    So, on the basis of this one ridiculous and false tale, Muslims have coveted Jerusalem ever since.
    They are no more entitled to own Jerusalem than I am entitled to own the Bahamas because I once had a dream that I went there!

  9. Sorry, Sharon triggered 2nd Intifada.
    Initially, unarmed pretending to be going for prayer, then with a huge police force,

  10. I just don’t understand nor do I want to understand the evil of the muslims.why they have so much evil in their hearts.they say our Heavenly Father encourages their evil and barbaric views. They are just troubled misguided people. Israel belongs to the Jewish people.

    • Kary:“I just don’t understand nor do I want to understand the evil of the muslims.why they have so much evil in their hearts.”

      Did you not know humans are highly programmable? That this starts from an impressionable child?

      With all the baggage they carry they make wrong decisions, crash into one another, and have subroutines running in the background they cannot control.

      Do you think switching loyalties from one Heavenly Father to another Heavenly Father will do the trick? Because they and we know nothing about a Heavenly Father Personality any more than we are told.

      So being a servant of a Jealous Tyrant, to roll onto your belly to avoid a cursing, is Islam, as there are those who role over to Socialism.

      Mohammad just employed the Stockholm Syndrome. He was totally ruthless and cruel. ISIS (Insane Suffering Induces Submission) have been employing this method ever since.

      I can only refer you to a Religion Whisper called Jesus to unravel the individuality. Sadly, 300 after he died he became The Dear Leader Personality Cult and the rest is gistory.

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