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10 Replies to “Large group of English speaking black Africans throw stones and bottles at police for their ‘right’ to stay in Germany”

  1. This is like the illegal aliens in the US demonstrating for amnesty, the illegals should be arrested no matter what nation they are in.

  2. There are no Germans in Africa. Why should there be African in Germany?

    I was kicked out of PJ Media for basically saying if you become Muslim you too could have your very own 9 year old bride.

    Needless to say I am upset.

    What I said was incendiary, I know. But the truth is incendiary.

    A 14 y/o told a teacher in Australia that she was a child bride. The teacher did not report it. She did not what to be an Islamaphobe.

  3. ‘you want to know why we are staying here? Your people invaded us.’
    ‘You want to know why we take your car? Your people used us as cheap labor’
    You want to know why I want your wife? Your people had slaves’
    You want to know why I take your house? Oh, you’re all gone. I was running out of things your White Liberal Feminists were telling you’.
    ‘Whose going to give out free child benefit now? There’s an AIDS epidemic’

  4. Around 300 ‘Hamburg Lampedusa’ demonstrators protesting the treatment of migrants clashed with police in Hamburg on Thursday.

    Rallying at Gansemarkt, in the city centre, the demonstrators were blocked and surrounded by police for almost 2 hours. The demonstration comes after a mass protest turned violent on Tuesday, injuring at least ten policeman.

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